FREE BIBLE LESSON: Numbers 13 – Faith vs. Giants [PRINTABLE WORKSEETS] – Grades 5 to 8


One way God reveals His will to us is through His promises by which we may be “fully convinced that what He has promised He is also able to perform,” (Romans 4:21).

In 2 Timothy 3:16, we discover God’s Word is for instruction. From your study of Numbers 13, you will learn what it looks like to have faith even if there are “giants in the land.”

Because God loves you, He desires that you know how to overcome the “giants” we all face in life (and that they are no match for His promises when we apply them to our circumstances by faith).

What you will receive:

  • Sheet 1 – introduction, purpose, and instructions
  • Sheet 2 – opening prayer
  • Sheet 3 – questions based on passage and for application
  • Sheet 4 – a place to write notes, thoughts, reflections, anything God speaks to the student’s heart, etc.
  • Sheet 5 – Ms. D’s thoughts and reflections on Numbers 13
  • A Thank You page with helpful links and information

Get it here in my TPT shop. Would love a follow if you’re on this site too. ❤

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