God Cares Deeply About the Crimes Committed Against President Trump on a Personal Level (Apologizing to President Trump on Behalf of the Church)

There’s no condemnation in Christ. Just sharing something important that’s been on my heart from the Lord.

I am seeing a number of believers in leadership afraid to fully commit to praying directly for President Trump and his reelection win because they fear being seen as in favor of a man or esteeming man in an ungodly way, premising all their prayers and messages with things like, “This is not about Trump, it’s about God’s purposes for the American church.”

But why can’t it be about both? Of course, it can.

Each person has an individual purpose and plan for their lives, and then there is the Lord’s overall plans and purposes for His church and in the earth in times and seasons. We must enlarge our view of God.

It’s probably thoughtless ignorance speaking, but it’s almost a cruelty to disregard the stress and pressures the President is under and say this isn’t about him, it’s about God’s purposes for the American church.

Again, I say by the Spirit, it IS about both – God’s purposes and plans for the American church AND the individual purposes and plans for Trump. That God is big enough to manage and care deeply about them both.

As Christ followers we must not forget that God loves President Trump and hates the injustice and suffering this has caused him and his family on a personal level.

I wish President Trump could see this, in case he’s seen and heard some of the things written and said about the elections and election fraud – that’s it’s not about him and really about God and His purposes.

Then, I’d apologize to him on behalf of the church and say…

“I’m sorry, President Trump. Their words are not representative of God and His character. He loves you and cares deeply that you, not they, have put yourself and family in the line of fire for this nation and by His leading.

The Lord hates this injustice against you. These literal crimes committed against you just as much as our nation. You are his child, and these wrongs matter deeply to Him. Please forgive the shortsighted, small view of God some have.

I promise it is not His heart towards you or the injustices against you. He cares about all your hard work and all you did to accomplish it. He doesn’t want it wasted.

I am praying for justice on your behalf. We know you won, and they are trying to steal this election, and I am standing in faith for you. Not just for this nation, not just in the gap for the Lord, but for you specifically on a personal level just as I would if a crime was committed against someone I love. God bless you and God bless America. Thank you for your passion to serve America and make is great again.”

We are not wrong in the eyes of the Lord with our prayers to cry out for Trump’s righteous cause and justice specifically as well. Any critics of this would be insensitive to the heart and cause of someone – in this case Trump – towards whom a crime was committed.

Lord, that Your people enlarge their view of You a million fold, and thank You, Lord, for sharing this with me, Your daughter who loves You in childlike faith in Jesus’ name, amen.

Updated content below added on 11/30/2020 at 8:16PM

I posted this blog at 3:02PM today and just finished hearing these words from Lance Wallnau, “I’m not even crazy about the prayer movement that says this isn’t about Trump. This isn’t about politics. I think it is about Trump. I think what Lincoln was dealing with, the Civil War, it was about Lincoln. It was about freeing the slaves.

I think sometimes in history ya gotta quit sounding so pious as a Christian: *imitates pious believers* ‘Well, I don’t wanna get involved with politics. It’s not political.’

Yes, it is political. Politics is a realm God is in that’s why the government will be on Jesus’ shoulders. Cause government is God’s business. This is political.”

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