For Kingdom-driven ministries, businesses, publishers, and Christians looking for a Holy Spirit surrendered, Christian Freelance Writer who understands the power of God’s Word in a revelatory way. I’d love to help bear your writing load and be a part of you prospering and fulfilling God’s Psalm 139:16 purposes and plans for your life.

More Time to Focus on Your Main God Assignments

God gave you a vision for your Christian business or ministry. Now, you need help keeping up with your online presence. That’s where I can come in. Stay connected with your audience, save time, and focus on your passions for the Lord and more time with family.

The Power of Bearing Burdens in Unity

God made us for divine partnerships. We need each other to grow and fulfill His will. The Word says our Father commands His blessings, grace, and power upon Christian teamwork and unity. Choose a Spirit-led Christian for your writing needs.

Lasting Growth Through the Truth of His Word

God’s people have something the world does not – His indwelt Holy Spirit. And that infinitely wise “sixth sense” will reject worldly words and programs. My writing is inspired by “every word that proceeds from the mouth of God,” so you can succeed.


  • Topics your readers need to grow in Christ, live by faith, and every word that proceeds from the mouth of God (Romans 1:17; Matthew 4:4).
  • Powerful, scriptural prayers written according to the will of God, so its petitioners may receive what it is they ask of the Lord (1 John 5:14-15) by faith.
  • Stay connected to those already close to your heart and reach people worldwide – “the nations” as according to the Word.
  • Credit – I’m your ghostwriter.

It takes time to write well-written, prayerful content that inspires readers for the Lord and changes lives. Delegate that task to a Holy Spirit surrendered, Christian Freelance Writer.

  1. WEBSITE CONTENT AND REWRITES – easy-to-read, Word of God based content that draws traffic to your website.
  2. BLOG POSTS – Word of God rich and lifegiving blog posts that demonstrate the abundance the of the heart of your ministry for those you serve and desire to come along side you in Christ. ***THERE IS CURRENTLY A WAITING LIST FOR THIS SERVICE***
  3. PRAYERS, DEVOTIONALS, OR NEWSLETTER CONTENT – Scripture-based prayers and devotionals that encourage, edify, build faith, and inspire a closer walk with the Lord. 300 words **THERE IS CURRENTLY A WAITING LIST FOR THIS SERVICE***

Please contact me for a quote as projects vary greatly in length and research.

***NOTE: There is currently a waiting list for all of the above services. Thank you for your kind understanding.***


  1. The Power of Partnerships with Other Believers: Christian Freelance Writers
  2. Christian Freelance Writer, Remember: You Are NOT of This World
  3. A Prayer and Blessing for the Work of Your Hands
  4. More writing samples here


My heart is overflowing with a good theme; I recite my composition concerning the King; My tongue is the pen of a ready writer,” (Psalm 45:1).

…graduated from the University of Florida with a B.S. in Food Science and Human Nutrition. She is TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certified and has taught English for almost four years.

Born again and Spirit-filled since 2002, she loves the Lord and all His ways. A homeschool mom of several years, she enjoys her calling as a mother and training up her son in the Lord. She lives with her amazing son and mother in Florida.


  • Jesus, the Word, His finished work, and Namesake.
  • partnering with believers to help them fulfill their callings.
  • the Holy Spirit-filled life and spiritual gifts.
  • prayer, worship, intercession, and spiritual warfare.
  • divine healing paid in full for all by Jesus’ stripes.
  • walking by faith and not by sight, faith works by love, and the just live by faith.
  • loving God and people as He commands by the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • shining the light of God’s Word on all aspects of life.
  • the harvest and praying for laborers to go into it.
  • God’s children living in the fulness of their inheritance in Christ through His blood-bought, new and better covenant.
  • blessed families, marriages, children, and businesses.
  • widows and single moms with fatherless children and orphans and the church being a blessing to them.
  • the will of God and the power of understanding it in His Word in order to receive His YES and AMEN promises by faith.
  • one nation under God. Preserving America’s freedoms as a constitutional republic. Parental rights. Praying God-fearing believers into political office at every level.
  • pro-life issues and ending abortion upon the face of the earth.
  • health, nutrition, and food processing according to God’s design and divine order.

Writing Spirit-led words that are living water to others,


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