Healing, Sword Inked Hearts

Healing is God’s will and for ALL (something so simple and powerful the Lord spoke to me)

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Some of the most profound things the Lord has spoken to me have been simple, pure, beautiful and utterly powerful.

“Surely He has borne our griefs [sicknesses, Hebrew]
And carried our sorrows [pains, Hebrew];
Yet we esteemed Him stricken,
Smitten by God, and afflicted.
But He was wounded for our transgressions,
He was bruised for our iniquities;

The chastisement for our peace was upon Him,
And by His stripes we are healed,”
(Isaiah 53:4-5).

We read in Isaiah 54 that Jesus bore every type of affliction FOR us. Nowhere do the atonement verses state that it’s a random, pick and choose healing for a mysterious select group of people. The language of these verses make is clear – “we” and “our”.

But just like salvation which is received by faith, so is healing received by faith. And sadly, many are the doctrines in the church that deny the blood of Jesus Christ’s full power.

These are the simple yet powerful words the Lord spoke to me that should forever settle for any New Covenant child of God healing was paid for in FULL by Jesus for ALL: “Any interpretation of scripture that denies the atonement and what the atoning blood of Jesus Christ paid for is an incorrect interpretation and must be rejected.”

Wow, Lord! Thank You!

The atonement is the litmus test against all other interpretations of scripture regarding healing for New Covenant believers. Childlike faith simple, right?

For example, when a church leader or follower of Jesus prays, If it be God’s,” will regarding healing.” The atonement survey says – WRONG!!! Those words deny the part of the atonement which says, “By His stripes WE are healed; And He has borne our sicknesses and carried our pains.”

See how simple the Lord made what His atonement covers, yet how terribly His children complicate it with their minds and walk by sight and NOT by faith ways?

Another false doctrine example, “Paul’s thorn in the flesh is a sickness the Lord refused to heal him from.” Nope to the nope! This extremely wrong interpretation of scripture clearly denies the atoning blood of Jesus Christ and its already paid in full power to heal ALL. Why would God the Father deny the blood of His own Son and the incredible sacrifice He made for ALL to be healed for Paul? He wouldn’t.

A deep dive study into that pesky thorn in context of ALL of scripture shows us the thorn in the flesh actually had NOTHING to do with sickness but some pretty annoying people being stirred up by a demonic spirit to persecute Paul and repeatedly hinder the gospel which was so beloved to him.

So any interpretation of scripture you may hear out there that denies healing is for today or healing is not for all is absolutely wrong for it denies the blood of Jesus Christ and its power to heal. Healing paid for in full for whosoever will receive it as a gift.

His precious blood which is more than strong enough to stretch forward 2000 years and heal us today because He already did, heal us that is.

Just as it’s God’s will that all be saved. It’s His will that all be healed, but the Word is clear that we “get to” reject His will for ourselves through unbelief – free will. Or that by creating our own doctrines and interpretations of scripture based on what is seen, we get what we believe (which is also unbelief).

For who are we to exalt our opinions and manmade doctrines above the atoning blood of Jesus Christ and its power to heal?

If healing doesn’t manifest with the first prayer, you keep praying until it does because it’s His will. Walk by faith and not by sight and never allow anyone to get you to deny His precious blood for yourself and its power to heal you or a loved one.

It is possible to make, “the Word of God of no effect through your tradition which you have handed down,” (Matthew 7:13). And who wants that? No one, of course. Well accept those Pharisees types.

But we declare: We desire to walk by Your Word and not by sight. Not by the opinions and unbelief of man. Hallelujah!

Sword Inked Hearts

Holy Spirit, lead me | For accountability to the Lord

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I highly recommend regular times of refreshing with the Lord, getting off social media, including blogging to seek Him and hear from Him clearly without the influence of others, etc. My recent doing so bore much fruit, the Lord rewarding me almost immediately upon my declaring my intentions to Him.

These past months, the elections have consumed much of my time, thoughts, and prayers. Though, I’m certain it was needed for we stand in the gap for the Lord to bring His will into the earth through our prayers. And, being a believer and not a doubter, I will not stop praying for justice for those who’ve wronged America and President Trump. For our republic to be restored to God’s original intentions for it before He catches us up with Him as well as acting on my faith with calls to actions and networking with believers who also refuse to bow to Baal in America.

But during my seeking Him, I sought Him for balance in what I believe He considers to be my ministries unto Him. I found my my heart ached to write and teach about divine healing, faith, and miracles.

With the Holy Spirit’s help, I pray He leads me each week on how to divide my time amongst the passions He’s etched into my heart and soul. When to write about the state of the church in America, calls to actions, and faith and healing, etc.

I am so passionate about being a defender of the name of the Lord and clearing His namesake from religious doctrines in the church which falsely accuse him of the works of the devil in the earth, deny the power of the Holy Spirit today as well as the atoning blood of Jesus Christ and its power to heal. How? By focusing on and magnifying His truth more than the lies and the traditions of man which make the very Word of God to no effect. Don’t. Even. Get. Me. Started.

For accountability to the Lord

To keep me accountable to the Lord, I’m sharing this here more for Him and me than anyone else.

I purchased two domain names

  1. swordinkedhearts.com
  2. swordinkedbooks.com

…which are based on these verses: “The sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God,” (Ephesians 6:17), and “I will put My laws in their mind and write them on their hearts; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people,” (Hebrews 9:10).

The first one is the He gave me for my ministry, and the second one for my ebookshop.

I will forward the first one to a category and the second one to an online digital goods and bookstore. I have no idea what any of this is supposed to look like, but I love Jesus like crazy, desire to live for Him, and to fulfill every purpose and plan He as for my life for His glory and to help set captives free in His name.

When He leads, even when I don’t know the entire plan, I like to step out in faith in some way to demonstrate that faith and show Him I’m taking Him seriously, THEN, He often rewards me with the next step, wisdom nugget or gem, etc.

Okay, Lord, You got my attention. I’m all Yours. Whom else is there besides You? What joy is there apart from You?

Help me get out of Your way, so I can be a free flowing conduit of Your love, power, and glory in the earth in Your name and for Your glory for the saving of the lost, the healing of the sick, the casting out of demons, the raising of the dead.