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PETITION: Tell University of Pittsburgh (Pitt of HELL) to stop barbaric experiments using human babies – CALL TO ACTION and prayer

They’ve become the PITT of HELL!

The University of Pittsburgh (Pitt) is involved in barbaric experimentation using aborted baby body parts which are, by the university’s own admission, obtained by their abortionist partners, Planned Parenthood, from babies who are still alive when the organs are “harvested.”

Lifesite News

Sign the petition by clicking to Lifesite New’s site to stop this ABOMINATION in out land:

PETITION: Tell University of Pittsburgh to stop barbaric experiments using human babies

Lord, may desctruction come swiftly onto their heads and those like them and connected to this great and evil abomination. These are not new experiments on the unborn. This has been going on for nearly 100 years! Say enough is enough Lord and bring swift and appropriate justice to them suitable for murderees who’ve tortured and killed while alive these innocent babies in Jesus’ name amen.

More info:

University of Pittsburgh’s organ harvesting practices include racial quotas for minority babies

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