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Jonathan Cahn’s Inauguration Message For Joe Biden [VIDEO]

This is an answer to pray as the Spirit led me to pray He send Micaiah’s to Fake-u-dent Biden.

1 Kings 22:14 – “And Micaiah said, “As the Lord lives, whatever the Lord says to me, that I will speak.”

Almighty God, bombard Biden that Jezebel’s puppet with messenger after messenger to speak the truth to him that he repents, steps down, turns himself in and the names of his accomplices that there be justice on him and them and vindication and justice for Americans who did what was right in Your sight. Let the weight of his and their evil be so heavy on them that they cannot bear it another second in Jesus’ name, amen.

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Yes! The Prophets Got it Right About President Trump: Heaven’s Perspective [VIDEO]

This video is based on my January 31, 2021 blog post: Did the prophets get it wrong about President Trump’s reelection? Heaven’s perspective



“I believe the prophets got it right when they heard and saw by the Spirit that President Trump would win and be reelected, and I believe He won and was reelected by WE THE PEOPLE – that they spoke by the Lord and as He saw it – the truth. God still sees it that President Trump won because He knows the exact number of votes he really got.

Would a just and righteous God refer to a thief as the winner of the election? Never. Therefore, by speaking heaven’s perspective, the Lord’s, they are lookin’ pretty insane right now to many. But not to me (Romans 4:17-19).”