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A Burning Fire for Justice that Will Not Be Held Back

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“But His Word was in my heart like a burning fire
Shut up in my bones;
I was weary of holding it back,
And I could not,” (Jeremiah 20:9).

In all my years as an intercessor, I’ve never burned with such a fire from the Lord to pray for justice. Yes, He’s led me to pray for justice for the wicked for several years now, but the relentless intensity of it is so great that if I don’t cry out for it, it weighs on me until I do.

Because we are one in Spirit with each other, I believe this same fire is burning in millions of His people worldwide. There are many who will give God no rest until we see justice – including myself (because the word that He gave me “there must be justice” won’t allow me to stop).

I sense a great many of His people in America and the world are crying out for justice for the wicked.

Make no mistake, be not a fool, there are people in power in this world with minds so seared by evil and hearts so hard that NOT EVEN ONE THOUGHT enters their minds NOR ONE OUNCE OF FEELING is felt in their hearts towards us and the affects of their evil choices on us and our children.

The naiveté, lack of understanding, and disbelief of this truth is causing us as a church to perish. We must be wise as serpents and gentle as doves. And we must possess a fierce fire as mothers and fathers to protect our children from those who seek to devour them with their wicked ways, even seeking to rob them of their innocence forever with the most wicked forms of violations.

These warped, wicked ones believe it is their right to violate a child in every evil way because that’s how they “identify.” Well, they can identify with a millstone around their necks at the bottom of the sea if they come near our children.

We must unite and ensure that laws stay in place protecting our children from them over their so called “identities.” That the age of consent stays at the actual adult age. NOT 12 or lower as some of them desire. The lack of fight in much of the church against evil is evil itself.

Lord, whose name is Resurrection and Life, raise Your people from their slumber and naiveté. These people are literally trying to destroy us and our children, and Your people want to play pattycake with them with nice sounding words and manners. Jesus overturned tables when necessary. So must we.

Our Founding Fathers and families would shake their heads in utter disgust at today’s church and its weakness in the face of tyranny after everything they did to risk their lives to birth this great nation with God’s help. They literally fought and died for the freedoms we’ve enjoyed, but today, many in the church are too afraid to hurt people’s feelings or “Oh, no! Heavens to Betsy” have someone falsely accuse them with a little name calling.

When we are all in with Jesus and walking the narrow path with Christ, the Word says we will be hated. Period. If a Christ follower is too afraid of being hated by the world, friends, pastor, etc., then they need to ask the Lord to deliver them from those lies and fears.

Child of God, if you care about being liked, looking cool, and not offending people, you’re doing it all wrong. The Word offends the world and its ways.

Yes, Jesus is the ONLY One who can change people and circumstances, but He will not violate a person’s free will decision to reject him and turn from their wicked ways. The Word says in Matthew 7:13-14, “Enter by the narrow gate; for WIDE is the gate and BROAD is the way that leads to destruction, and there are MANY who go in by it. Because NARROW is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are FEW who find it.” Father, when will Your people take You for Your Word and walk in wisdom and discernment especially reagrding the times we are living in?

We walk by the Word. Not by our feelings, presumptions, or feeling sorry for people. The Word is clear: MANY are on the path that leads to destruction. FEW are those who find and walk on the narrow path that leads to life.

If you have a fire in your bones for justice that will not relent, try praying this sword of the Spirit Word weapon: Psalm 37 – His Word cannot return unto Him void! Hallelujah!

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The POWERFUL weapons you need right now: Testimonies of God’s faithfulness – Part 2

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“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony,” (Revelations 12:11).

The Lord led me to share my powerful testimony, When God is answering your prayers but things look dead (maybe even frightening): The State of America and a powerful, personal testimony on January 19, 2021, the day before the faux-nauguration which installed a fake-u-dent.

After that, I kept commenting to the Lord about how after all these years of not speaking much about what I went through (because it was traumatizing) how He graced me to share my testimony now – approximately 13 years later. How He’s been using my own testimony to minister to me powerfully about what happened with the elections, the injustice against President Trump, and evil appearing as if it’s won when they swore in false ones.

Then on January 27, 2021, I read this on Mario Murillo’s blog from the post called, REMEMBER THE MAJESTY OF GOD AND FIGHT:

“That is the reason the Left has tried to destroy our history, because it chronicles the impossible miracles God performed in American history. Our history is a weapon we must protect!

You have that weapon, too! The weapon of remembering the times God did the impossible for you. David killed Goliath with two weapons. The second one was the sling. The first one was his memory of God’s intervention. He explained his confidence to Saul, “Your servant has killed both lion and bear; and this uncircumcised Philistine will be like one of them, seeing he has defied the armies of the living God” (1 Samuel 17:36).”

The Lord confirmed to me that He was using my testimony as a weapon to believe God for the impossible for America, President Trump, and the defeat of our enemies by His hand. That He had given me prophecies from His Word in 2002 that didn’t begin to come to pass until 2005. And weren’t officially “sealed until” 2008. Three to five years for the answer to progressively come to pass. LOTS of walking by faith and not by sight, not by what looked dead or impossible.

This is why we must walk by faith and not by sight when it comes to the Word and promises of God. His Word instructs us that it is nothing new for a promise to look dead before it comes to pass.

For approximately three years, the verses He gave me to pray prophetically as promises (Ps. 37, 18, etc.) over my situation, expecting Him to answer looked TOTALLY and UTTERLY dead during that time. In other words: Impossible for man. Only possible with God, the One who is named Resurrection and Life.

You have these weapons too! Your testimonies of God doing the impossible for you like He’s done for me many times.

Remember your past deliverances and victories from the Lord and use them as weapons against the enemy. Against what is seen. Against what looks impossible.

Continue to stand on His Word and/or tested prophetic word He’s given you until they come to pass. Consider NOT the deadness of any situation up against the Word of the Lord. All glory to the Lord!

Sorry for the delay in getting Part 2 out. It got buried in my draft folder.

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Jonathan Cahn’s Inauguration Message For Joe Biden [VIDEO]

This is an answer to pray as the Spirit led me to pray He send Micaiah’s to Fake-u-dent Biden.

1 Kings 22:14 – “And Micaiah said, “As the Lord lives, whatever the Lord says to me, that I will speak.”

Almighty God, bombard Biden that Jezebel’s puppet with messenger after messenger to speak the truth to him that he repents, steps down, turns himself in and the names of his accomplices that there be justice on him and them and vindication and justice for Americans who did what was right in Your sight. Let the weight of his and their evil be so heavy on them that they cannot bear it another second in Jesus’ name, amen.