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Clearing up an extreme misrepresentation for my journal: Prayer & Blessings for the Word of My Hands

Clearing up an extreme misrepresentation for my journal: Prayer & Blessings for the Word of My Hands.

I got my first review for it, and it was a 1 star. The reviewer grossly misrepresented it in her review based on her failure to read the very clear title and description. She also failed to post the image that shows the introductory prayer that is included in the journal/notebook making it appear absent/contradictory to my description.

Why it matters? As representatives of Jesus Christ, I wouldn’t sell something or misrepresent something I was selling to make it look like something it is not.

The title literally says “Notebook” in it, and the very first sentence of the description reads “90 blank lined pages….” I pray the Lord convicts this woman that she take accountability and delete her misleading review and also remembers that she’s a representative of Jesus Christ.

It’s difficult to get Amazon to remove false reviews, so putting it here in hopes someone will see it. :o) The introductory prayer in the above journal is from this blog post.

Journals - Prayer & Bible Study

Amazon has my prayer journal on sale: 22% off!

I just noticed that Amazon put my above journal on sale for $5.45 which is 22% off the original price of $6.97.

You can grab one here on Amazon before they take it off sale.

NOTE: I don’t know how long the sale will last because it originated from them.

This 8×10 prayer journal contains 90 blank, lined pages – the perfect blank canvas for your precious time with the Lord.

The bible says in John 10:27 that “His sheep hear His voice.” It is the perfect vessel to help grow your relationship with Jesus as well as encouraging your faith by recording prayers, His mighty works, answers to prayers, words, revelations on scriptures, and blessings on behalf of you, yours, and others.

The cover is matte and features a beautiful flower wreath on a teal background.