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Yes! The Prophets Got it Right About President Trump: Heaven’s Perspective [VIDEO]

This video is based on my January 31, 2021 blog post: Did the prophets get it wrong about President Trump’s reelection? Heaven’s perspective


“I believe the prophets got it right when they heard and saw by the Spirit that President Trump would win and be reelected, and I believe He won and was reelected by WE THE PEOPLE – that they spoke by the Lord and as He saw it – the truth. God still sees it that President Trump won because He knows the exact number of votes he really got.

Would a just and righteous God refer to a thief as the winner of the election? Never. Therefore, by speaking heaven’s perspective, the Lord’s, they are lookin’ pretty insane right now to many. But not to me (Romans 4:17-19).”

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Did the prophets get it wrong about President Trump’s reelection? Heaven’s perspective – Part 1

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I believe the prophets got it right when they heard and saw by the Spirit that President Trump would win and be reelected, and I believe He won and was reelected by WE THE PEOPLE – that they spoke by the Lord and as He saw it – the truth. God still sees it that President Trump won because He knows the exact number of votes he really got.

Would a just and righteous God refer to a thief as the winner of the election? Never. Therefore, by speaking heaven’s perspective, the Lord’s, they are lookin’ pretty insane right now to many. But not to me (Romans 4:17-19).

The free will of cowards and wicked ones defied the will of the people – Trump won. They chose to ignore our desire to simply validate the beyond questionable integrity of the election’s outcome.

But God will cause what was meant for evil to turn out for our good and STILL answer our prayers far above all we could ask or think.

I strongly believe that the wicked only think they’ve won BUT have merely positioned themselves, by their own free will, for GREAT justice that is due to them to come down onto their own heads.

Thus, the Lord is able to answer our cries for exposure and justice. I say again, it may not look like it but I believe He IS answering our prayers – not just one of them – many of them.

Also, God purposely doesn’t reveal every detail to us because in our shortsighted thinking, we love to put our hands on things to help Him make them happen. But we usually end up either causing more harm than good or destroying them altogether. He must keep full outcomes hidden from us, well, because we are us.

And because sometimes, He expects us to walk by faith, not by sight AKA Faith 101.

“Oh Lazarus died. No problem. Jesus. Oh, they think they stole the election from President Trump and 75+ millions Americans. No problem. Jesus.”

I praise God for hiding some things from me like the time He was working out a great deliverance for me and my son. I probably would have brought to ruins what He was doing had I’d known the things I found out later, possibly even cancelling our deliverance entirely, delaying it by years, or even worse causing our own demise in my ignorance.

The prophets who predicted, by the Spirit of the Lord, not their own carnal minds, that President Trump would be reelected and serve a second term should not have apologized because they recanted not their own words, but the word of the Lord.

An exhortation. Not condemnation:

So what if what we now see doesn’t look like He’s answered? So what if it appears THEY got it wrong? So what if some in the church falsely accuse them of being false prophets? Part of being a follower of Christ is being able to handle a little name-calling for His sake.

None of this surprised the Lord. I believe God IS answering the prayers of millions of His children who stood in agreement with His will for President Trump and America. BUT, those prayers are not the only ones the Holy Spirit has led us to pray.

Take heart. Be encouraged. This is IMPORTANT.

Long before President Trump announced his run for the presidency, God Himself, led many, including myself, to cry out for:

  • corruption to be exposed at every level of government that corrupt ones be driven out and brought to justice. And for God-fearing, righteous leaders who can’t be bought to take their places. Should President Trump had an easy win on November 3rd, we would not see the exposures we now do and the depths of evil the wicked are capable of. They are strutting so arrogantly in what they believed they accomplished with their wickedness, intentions, and lunacy on full display, not realizing they’re merely making the traps they made for us more sure for themselves.
  • for the church to wake up, unite, and be set ablaze by the Spirit to share Christ, see people saved, healed, delivered, etc. and millions more prayers like these.
  • Oh, and let’s not forget the many saints who offered themselves up to the Lord as living sacrifices and prayed in the Spirit for countless hours to release His perfect will into the earth.

They very Spirit of God would not lead us to pray prayers for months, and in some cases many years, if He didn’t intend to answer them.

The outcome is not what our flesh wanted for we heard the forecast of the illegitimate one and his evil comrades before he was installed.

But what about our years of praying for corruption to be exposed at every level of government, so the swamp will be drained and brought to justice? For the church? For America to return to Him?

Seeing what they did to President Trump and 75+ maybe 85+ million Americans and their vote has stirred up a fire and righteous indignation in us, including much of the church, that should unite us into prayer and law and order actions MORE than ever. God knows what He is doing.

I know in my spirit this isn’t over, and there will be GREAT justice, BUT we must pray and not give up AND know all our rights, get involved, and act.

I daresay, the outcome of the election was not God’s perfect will and desire for us, but somehow in ways beyond human understanding, the Lord works despite our free will to accomplish His overall purposes in the earth in His timing.

We also know what our Almighty God wants or wills does NOT always happen because He gave us free will. For example, when we see the free will of 60+ million mothers who’ve had their own children murdered in their wombs. Or that people, by their free will choice, perish for eternity when the Word says God is “not willing than ANY would perish.”

I believe what we are seeing is the culmination of a great multitude of our prayers being answered. Imagine the prayers of millions of saints mixed together in heavenly golden bowls for the Lord to answer.

Not just the ones for President Trump’s reelection/2nd term. He did win and was reelected in God’s eyes. The Lord does not take lightly what they did to President Trump, his son in Christ. I do believe God will give him great justice and vindication and has not and will not let go of this injustice against him, but we must continue to pray His will be done on earth as it is in heaven for it. Then trust Him for what it will all look like.

But I do believe when it happens or some time after it happens, we will know exactly how He chose to make it manifest. It will make more sense then, we will thank Him for it with high praises because it will be FAR ABOVE our asking. We will understand that He WAS answering our prayers all along and for our good.

I’m a believer. Not a doubter. Not a quitter.

I will continue to stand in faith in the gap for the Lord to see justice, vindication, redemption, and restoration for America AND for President Trump whom I and millions worldwide believe is the rightful winner (Psalm 37:6). Again, how long it will take or what it will look like, I don’t know.

This may bless you at this time: We’ve asked God for “TOTAL EXPOSURE” regarding the 2020 elections, and He loves to answer our prayers exceedingly above.

Stay tuned for Part 2: The POWERFUL weapons you need right now: Testimonies of God’s faithfulness where the Lord is using an incredible testimony of faith, justice, vindication, and deliverance to minister to me mightily for such a time as this. One that He brought about for me and my son through promises He led me to stand on BUT not before the situation looked UTTERLY dead.

The POWERFUL weapons you need right now: Testimonies of God’s faithfulness – Part 2

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The Word and Spirit forbid me to congratulate an illegitimate president: POWERFULLY confirmed in scripture

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From the beginning, the Holy Spirit strongly impressed that I was not to congratulate Joe as president. For to do so, would be to come against the Word of the Lord which says we should have no fellowship or agreement with lawlessness, darkness, etc.:

“Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness? And what accord has Christ with Belial? Or what part has a believer with an unbeliever? And what agreement has the temple of God with idols? For you are the temple of the living God,” (2 Cor 6:13-16).

I don’t care if every prominent leader in the church congratulates Joe, I will not go against the Word of the Lord in light of the mountain of evidence against him that both the courts and congress refused to see, so they could continue to perpetuate the lie, “There is no evidence of fraud.”

The Word says the path that leads to destruction is wide, and the majority walk on that path, including His people. Not eternal destruction but being so like the world they are indistinguishable. God calls us to walk the narrow path that leads to life with Him and FEW there be that find it, the Word says.

My cry to the Lord is always, “Father, my Keeper, bind me to the narrow path with You.”

The Word and Spirit forbid me to congratulate an illegitimate president

On Nov 8, 2020, I wrote in this post, “I grieved deeply with the Lord yesterday having received email communications from Christian organizations who congratulated Biden as president. I love my brothers and sisters in Christ but will not get into agreement with them. I immediately condemned their words according to Isaiah 54:17.”

On Dec 17, 2020, I wrote in this post, “God is exposing all of the Judases in our government and across the nation. The latest is Mitch McConnell. Yesterday, he congratulated Biden and Harris on their victory.”

On Dec 19, 2020, I wrote in this post, “So for these so called prominent ones to congratulate Biden, Jezebel’s puppet, as president elect when it’s crystal clear how he and his wicked crew ATTEMPTED to obtain that title is to oppose the very Word of God they supposedly teach and follow…I refuse to get into agreement with darkness and lawlessness or any of my brothers and sisters in Christ staying silent in the face of it, who are apathetic about it, or even worse who promote it and congratulate it.”

On Jan 20, 2020, I wrote in this post, “And those who loved Truth agreed amongst one another that even if the rest of the world made the decision to agree with lawlessness and congratulate FJ as the winner, they would not.” This one is a parable about the elections and false win.

On Jan 21, 2021, I watched Flashpoint and Mario Murillo said, “I think leaders that are high profile need to be careful about congratulating Biden and Harris for winning. You say Mario that is gross. That’s been tradition since the beginning of this nation…Ladies and gentlemen, something has changed. And you do not want to take ownership for the evil that will come upon this nation.

Because when you congratulate them, you’re going to have a part, and you’re going to be connected to what they’ve done. I for my part, I’m praying for deliverance, and I’m believing for an intervention of the Holy Spirit. Say, ‘Well Mario, that’s going to cost you a lot. Not nearly as much as silence and capitulation. Giving in to evil is not the will of God, and in no way will I condone it or congratulate it.”

How the Lord confirmed in scripture what He had been strongly telling me in my spirit. And praise God because He knows how important it is for me to see what I am hearing from Him in the Word!

In that same Jan 21, 2021 Flashpoint episode, Hank Kunneman, immediately follows in answer to Mario with, “You’re speaking prophetically. And you’re speaking accurately, and I can back it up with scripture. In 1 Kings 1, there was Adonijah, a self-appointed king. He had an agenda that was contrary to God’s event, God’s anointing, and what the Lord wanted for the nation, and the future.

That’s exactly what we saw with how the left got into their position of power. Self-appointed. It was not done with God’s blessing or anointing upon it or the even He has planned for this nation.

Too many are celebrating and going over to that side saying we just need to accept it. Go back to your bible Christians, 1 Kings 1. Adonijah invited a priest and certain prophets, and they went with Adonijah’s self-appointed proclamation that he was king. But notice something, Adonijah did not invite nor did they celebrate Zadok, the righteous priest, so some ministers did not accept or celebrate the “presidency” or kingship of Adonijah. Neither did Nathan the prophet. We have to be wise. I am not speaking violence of course.”

Wow, Lord! Thank You so much for confirming Your words to me about Joe and the stance You want me to take as Your child by showing me this in Your Word.

Sadly, if a good number of Christians read this, their religious mindset would not be able to accept it even though the Lord was mindful to show us this is for now from His Word. I understand that when some of His hear the title, “president,” they will be incapable of reconciling this word from the Lord because they were taught to respect and honor the title. But the Word of the Lord trumps the mere titles of man, no matter its ranking.

Joe’s title was ill gotten, and that’s putting it mildly.

The prophets heard correctly from the Lord: President Trump Won. He would be and was reelected by the people, but congress, Pence, and the courts chose to betray him and the American people.

To congratulate Joe, would be a putrid twisting of Romans 13 and submission to rulers for in the eyes of the Lord, this man is illegitimate as was Adonijah.

God’s will is not theft, cheating, and lawlessness. Like Adonijah, Joe and those who plotted for years, hardening their hearts over and over again along the way, installed him as a self-appointed “king,” against the will of the people and God. I fear and tremble for what it coming to him and those behind this.

We have the evidence. We’ve seen not all but much of what they’ve refused to take into account. It’s not hidden. We don’t have all of it YET, but I believe we will if we pray and don’t give up. (Luke 18)

Shame and disgrace will follow Joe everywhere. Honorable worldwide leaders who’ve seen the evidence of voter fraud too, the late night highly illegal scanning and rescanning of the same ballots in Georgia without any GOP observers.

How can any respectable world leader take Joe seriously? The world knows. How can they trust the words and dealings of a liar and cheater? If there is any honor in them at all, they won’t be able to. As for any dishonorable leaders, they will see him as an opportunity to accomplish further evil with him.

There must be justice. God is just. Joe is not God’s will. God will not be mocked. Staying in agreement with God, righteousness, light. No, Lord, I will not congratulate evil nor call evil good. I will follow Your lead and not the world’s. Thank You for Your Holy Spirit, our Helper, in every time of need, to show us how to pray, etc.

The Lord doesn’t want you to be a TWISTED sister (or brother)…

Congratulating Joe as a legally elected president and giving him my blessing would be like a wife coming home to find another woman there with her husband, him referring to his mistress, the husband stealer, as his new wife, telling his real wife to pack her stuff and get out, and asking her to accept his new wife.

Then all the neighbors and their family celebrating it too. Yuck! Even worse, the husband asking her to do so in the name of the Lord, by TWISTING the verse that says, “Wives submit to your husbands.” That’s exactly what many church leaders are doing now, twisting Romans 13, which doesn’t apply to Joe in this case.

Lord, deliver us from this evil against us and President Trump, and bring swift justice according to Your Word in Luke 18 in Jesus’ name, amen.

If Joe is legitimate and truly wants unity, you can read here what an innocent, honorable, and wise leader would absolutely do right now without flinching before anything could potentially be altered.