Exposing Darkness, Vaccines: Truth & Dangers

ABOMINATION and antichrist spirit at these baptist “churches” in Atlanta, Georgia (SE Atlanta and Bankhead) pushing the COVID jab onto the people

A baptist “church” in DeKalb County says “it’s requiring its worshippers to sign a waiver, get a temperature check and show proof of vaccination for in-person services.” ~ excerpt from article: Some metro Atlanta churches requiring vaccinations for in-person worship

The “pastor” of this “church” stated, “We said we were going to follow the science…everyone wanted to come to church, but we were going to follow the science and we did just that.”

So telling of where this “pastor’s” heart and faith are for the Word says, “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.”

The “pastor’s” heart says he is leading God’s people to the slaughter and towards evil abominations because he is leading them to follow abominable science using fetal cells BEFORE and INSTEAD OF the the Word of God.

“There is a way that seems right to a man,
But its end is the way of death,” (Proverbs 14:12).

This is an absolute abomination in the eyes of God what this man is teaching that “church.”

When I hear of pastors turning their churches into COVID vaccine centers and/or pushing vaccines passports, first, it tells me that the church has been taken over by the antichrist spirit, and second, I wonder IF the pastor was paid off by pharma? To clarify, I am NOT saying this is the case for the mentioned churchs’ situation. It simply makes me wonder. For how could anyone care so little for their neighbor and lead them towards such absolute evil?

God will not use “vaccines” grown and/or tested in the cells of aborted (murdered) babies to bless anyone’s health. On the contrary, it’s an open door for satan to attack its partakers with sickness including demonic spirits of infirmity.

I choose to follow the Word who IS Jesus before the “sciene” and so should every Christian. And if God says no plague will come nigh my dwelling, that’s enough for me for His Word is the solid Rock on which I stand. Not man made mad scientist concoctions from the pit of hell that are also a form of witchcraft.

All of the COVID jabs were grown and/or tested in the cells of aborted babies. There is NO WAY for followers of Jesus Christ to justify injecting themselves with anything produced using murdered, innocent unborn babies.

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“Mount Ephraim Baptist Church in Bankhead is also requiring vaccination proof.” ~ excerpt from Some metro Atlanta churches requiring vaccinations for in-person worship

These churches and any like them are what Jesus would also refer to as a part of the “O faithless and perverse generation,” (Matthew 17:17) with false teachers deceiving and being deceived.

The Word says the just shall LIVE BY FAITH! This is my protection! Jesus who is the Word!


“I will say to the Lord, “My refuge and my fortress,
My God, in whom I trust!”
For it is He who rescues me from the net of the trapper
And from the deadly plague,” (Psalm 91:2-3).

“I will not be afraid of the terror by night,
Or of the arrow that flies by day;
Of the plague that stalks in darkness,
Or of the destruction that devastates at noon,” (Psalm 91:5-6).

“For I have made the Lord, my refuge,
The Most High, my dwelling place.
No evil will happen to me,
Nor will any plague come near my tent,” (Psalm 91:9-10).

Exposing Darkness, Vaccines: Truth & Dangers

COVID-19 Vaccines using aborted fetal cell lines

Image source: A voice for truth

A Voice for Truth is an excellent site to learn more about the evils of the vaccine industry and its connection with abortion – the shedding of innocent blood.

Here are some articles from their site:

COVID-19 Vaccines using aborted fetal cell lines

Abortion, the human fetal cell industry and vaccines

Help with requesting religious exemptions from vaccinations

The truth from Corvelva about human fetal DNA contaminated vaccines

We don’t follow the science, we follow the Word of God:

Proverbs 6:16-17

These six things the Lord hates,
Yes, seven are an abomination to Him:
A proud look,
A lying tongue,
Hands that shed innocent blood.

Exposing Darkness

PETITION: Tell University of Pittsburgh (Pitt of HELL) to stop barbaric experiments using human babies – CALL TO ACTION and prayer

They’ve become the PITT of HELL!

The University of Pittsburgh (Pitt) is involved in barbaric experimentation using aborted baby body parts which are, by the university’s own admission, obtained by their abortionist partners, Planned Parenthood, from babies who are still alive when the organs are “harvested.”

Lifesite News

Sign the petition by clicking to Lifesite New’s site to stop this ABOMINATION in out land:

PETITION: Tell University of Pittsburgh to stop barbaric experiments using human babies

Lord, may desctruction come swiftly onto their heads and those like them and connected to this great and evil abomination. These are not new experiments on the unborn. This has been going on for nearly 100 years! Say enough is enough Lord and bring swift and appropriate justice to them suitable for murderees who’ve tortured and killed while alive these innocent babies in Jesus’ name amen.

More info:

University of Pittsburgh’s organ harvesting practices include racial quotas for minority babies

Hair taken from aborted babies grown on rats in horrifying experiments

WATCH: Tucker & David Daleiden expose horrifying experiments on aborted babies funded by Dr. Fauci’s CDC

CMP YouTube / screenshot