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Prayer for Wicked and Evil Politicians: Lord, We NEED Justice!

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“As intercessors, it is our duty and privilege to pray the will of God. However, praying the will of God doesn’t always mean we pray for people to be blessed.

Of course, we always pray first and foremost that people will be saved. However, according to Scripture, there are some who have given themselves over to a degenerate mind and no longer listen to their conscience. These people have no hope of salvation, for they have rejected God for the final time.” – Excerpt from, PRAYER FOR WICKED AND EVIL POLITICIANS, FEBRUARY 18, 2021 | JAMIE ROHRBAUGH

How to pray when people have become the enemies of God

“We the people of the United States of America have long been too merciful in our prayers.

I recognize that this statement is going to raise some eyebrows, but the simple fact is that God has designed and fashioned His church—His ekklesia—to be THE governing body on the earth. And if we do not sit in governance, we are not truly functioning as the church that Christ built.

“In what way should we govern,” you ask?

In many ways. Today, however, I want to call your attention to a principle that King David of the Bible knew, but which we have forgotten: the fact that God does want to judge His enemies. – Excerpt from HAVE WE BEEN TOO MERCIFUL IN OUR PRAYERS?, DECEMBER 5, 2020 | JAMIE ROHRBAUGH 

I praise God for leading me to these articles and prayers by Jamie as confimation of what He’s been speaking to my spirit and how to pray in this particular time and season.

He led me to write this on February 17, 2021: A Burning Fire for Justice that Will Not Be Held Back

Excerpt:“But His Word was in my heart like a burning fire Shut up in my bones; I was weary of holding it back, And I could not,” (Jeremiah 20:9). In all my years as an intercessor, I’ve never burned with such a fire from the Lord to pray for justice. Yes, He’s led me to pray for justice for the wicked for several years now, but the relentless intensity of it is so great that if I don’t cry out for it, it weighs on me until I do.

Because we are one in Spirit with each other, I believe this same fire is burning in millions of His people worldwide. There are many who will give God no rest until we see justice – including myself (because the word that He gave me “there must be justice” won’t allow me to stop).”

And this on February 2, 2021: Counting on the wealthy, comfortable, and those prospering in their wicked ways to repent?

Excerpt: “Last night I read 2 Chronicles 22, and the Lord always speaks to me or teaches me and shows me something as I read the Word, often related to the times and seasons or something in my life. This time, He reminded me of the level of the wickedness of people today...“WATCH OUT for Grandma Athaliah, comfortable in her wealth, position, and lust for power.”

Yes, we pray for the lost to be saved, but truly, truly, as the Lord often says for emphasis and certainty, there are people who’ve rejected Jesus Christ forever and will never repent and turn to Him.

I believe by the Spirit that many of those people are in places of power and wealth.

Knowing this truth from the Word, we must NEVER neglect to pray for justice for the wicked as well because the Lord says we are responsible for praying His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

If we are only praying soft prayers for those who only seek to kill, steal, and destroy, then we are fools indeed.

Don’t be a fool. Be led by the Spirit.

The Lord has had me praying “aggressively” in these times for justice for the wicked because it is what is called for.

Recently, I heard a prophet say, “God’s people need to get a stomach for justice.”

I agree 100% and not only a stomach for it but the ability to cry out for it to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Something, is deeply wrong with a child of God and their mindset if they are unwilling to cry out for justice for those who literally prey upon our children without remorse in order to not only violate them in the most wicked ways but to make them disappear, leaving their families in agony, never knowing what happened to their precious, beloved children.

Lord, I want these unrepentant, evil ones aggressively hunted down and dealt with: Send legions of warring angels to be done to them the justice that is needed for all their crimes against humanity – children, the unborn, the poor, and needy, us, etc.

BUT, Lord, even those who’ve done evil and will repent, I STILL cry out for earthly justice to come down on their heads for the crimes they’ve committed. The level of oppression the earth feels because of wicked men and women who’ve prospered in their ways has become too much for it has been too long.

I cry out for this justice to come to them, now, Lord. Let it be so, Righteous Judge! For the sake of us, our children, and our children’s children. Cause the wicked to reap from EVERY wicked they’ve sown for decades. Cause it to pile upon them hard and heavy and undeniably to bring to an end their crimesprees that have gone unchecked for too long, Lord.

Lord, let it be due season for justice to come to these wicked men and women. Have mercy on us, Father. Have mercy. In Jesus’ name, amen.

DISCERNMENT only the Spirit can give is how we get through these times and seasons AND know exactly how to pray. Thank You for Your Holy Spirit, Lord!

Discernment, Exposing Darkness, Justice

A Burning Fire for Justice that Will Not Be Held Back

Photo by Vlad Bagacian on Pexels.com

“But His Word was in my heart like a burning fire
Shut up in my bones;
I was weary of holding it back,
And I could not,” (Jeremiah 20:9).

In all my years as an intercessor, I’ve never burned with such a fire from the Lord to pray for justice. Yes, He’s led me to pray for justice for the wicked for several years now, but the relentless intensity of it is so great that if I don’t cry out for it, it weighs on me until I do.

Because we are one in Spirit with each other, I believe this same fire is burning in millions of His people worldwide. There are many who will give God no rest until we see justice – including myself (because the word that He gave me “there must be justice” won’t allow me to stop).

I sense a great many of His people in America and the world are crying out for justice for the wicked.

Make no mistake, be not a fool, there are people in power in this world with minds so seared by evil and hearts so hard that NOT EVEN ONE THOUGHT enters their minds NOR ONE OUNCE OF FEELING is felt in their hearts towards us and the affects of their evil choices on us and our children.

The naiveté, lack of understanding, and disbelief of this truth is causing us as a church to perish. We must be wise as serpents and gentle as doves. And we must possess a fierce fire as mothers and fathers to protect our children from those who seek to devour them with their wicked ways, even seeking to rob them of their innocence forever with the most wicked forms of violations.

These warped, wicked ones believe it is their right to violate a child in every evil way because that’s how they “identify.” Well, they can identify with a millstone around their necks at the bottom of the sea if they come near our children.

We must unite and ensure that laws stay in place protecting our children from them over their so called “identities.” That the age of consent stays at the actual adult age. NOT 12 or lower as some of them desire. The lack of fight in much of the church against evil is evil itself.

Lord, whose name is Resurrection and Life, raise Your people from their slumber and naiveté. These people are literally trying to destroy us and our children, and Your people want to play pattycake with them with nice sounding words and manners. Jesus overturned tables when necessary. So must we.

Our Founding Fathers and families would shake their heads in utter disgust at today’s church and its weakness in the face of tyranny after everything they did to risk their lives to birth this great nation with God’s help. They literally fought and died for the freedoms we’ve enjoyed, but today, many in the church are too afraid to hurt people’s feelings or “Oh, no! Heavens to Betsy” have someone falsely accuse them with a little name calling.

When we are all in with Jesus and walking the narrow path with Christ, the Word says we will be hated. Period. If a Christ follower is too afraid of being hated by the world, friends, pastor, etc., then they need to ask the Lord to deliver them from those lies and fears.

Child of God, if you care about being liked, looking cool, and not offending people, you’re doing it all wrong. The Word offends the world and its ways.

Yes, Jesus is the ONLY One who can change people and circumstances, but He will not violate a person’s free will decision to reject him and turn from their wicked ways. The Word says in Matthew 7:13-14, “Enter by the narrow gate; for WIDE is the gate and BROAD is the way that leads to destruction, and there are MANY who go in by it. Because NARROW is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are FEW who find it.” Father, when will Your people take You for Your Word and walk in wisdom and discernment especially reagrding the times we are living in?

We walk by the Word. Not by our feelings, presumptions, or feeling sorry for people. The Word is clear: MANY are on the path that leads to destruction. FEW are those who find and walk on the narrow path that leads to life.

If you have a fire in your bones for justice that will not relent, try praying this sword of the Spirit Word weapon: Psalm 37 – His Word cannot return unto Him void! Hallelujah!

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Is God a Republican or Democrat? A POWERFUL Word of Wisdom From the Lord Through 2 Chronicles 16:9 Regarding this Election Season – December 21, 2020

Is God a Republican or a Democrat? We all know this is a ridiculous question, but it is also a major argument point within the church for some to say, “But God isn’t a Republican or Democrat!!!” Of course, He’s neither.

But how do we discern from the Lord who is working THROUGH these named vessels in this election season?

The answers is always How HE says to…

If any of you is lacking in wisdom, ask God, who gives to all generously and ungrudgingly, and it will be given you. But ask in faith, never doubting, for the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, driven and tossed by the wind; for the doubter, being double-minded and unstable in every way, must not expect to receive anything from the Lord,” (James 1:5-8).

Do you really, truly, and with all your heart believe the word of the Lord in James 1:5-8?

That if you ask Him for wisdom and do not doubt, then 100%, you will hear His voice/be led by the Spirit in His Word, and receive HIS wisdom and generously so at that. If not, prayerfully consider finding a new church. God’s people hear His voice but will NOT if they doubt and reject His Word for themselves through unbelief.

So, believing James 1:5-8 with all my heart, I asked the Lord for wisdom regarding this election season specifically why and how each political party is being used, even about President Trump. And He answered and did so generously.

First, He brought 2 Chronicles 16:9 to my remembrance which is a verse I love and know well and says,

“For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him.”

The Word says God’s eyes look upon the hearts of people to see whom He can use for His purposes and plans. And the Lord showed me that when His eyes gazed from sea to shining sea of this great nation, America, He saw the heart of Donald J. Trump for His purposes and plans for America in this season. And called upon him to run for president, Trump answered, and God made a miraculous way in 2016 for it to be so. It is His will for him to continue to be so, and he won. If you disagree, take it up with the Lord. Not me.

And in light of the Christmas season, I quote from the beautiful song, Joy to the World, which says, “Let every heart prepare Him room.” The Lord constantly searches for hearts who’ll prepare Him room and allow Him to work through them. Aw, Lord. *tears*

Next, He addressed the parties – Republican and Democrat – and spoke to me through Ephesians 4:27 which says,

“Do not give place to the devil.”

So, as He searches hearts, He knows which ones, even within the church, who’ve given place to the devil in UNBENDING ways that render Him incapable of using them for specific purposes and plans. Not that He couldn’t use those who are children of His in other ways where they haven’t given place to the devil just not the specific ways He needs.

Enter Donald J. Trump, the man the Lord called to be president. With His hand upon him, He gave our now president eyes to see he had to choose to work through the Republican party. For he couldn’t work through the Democratic party that went extreme liberal, anti-Christ and was/is headed towards socialism, communism, and other anti-American, anti-constitutional republic agendas as their agendas were against the Lord’s and Trump’s.

An aside here, prior to 2016, I honestly believe both parties had been hijacked by the enemy. But long before Trump announced his run, MANY saints had already been crying out to the Lord for YEARS for our nation to turn back to God, for corruption to be exposed at every level of government and every tie to government, for bought wicked leaders to be exposed and driven from office, and brought to justice. AND for them to be replaced with godly/God-fearing leaders who love America, its people, and can’t be bought.

Having said that, I strongly believe by the Lord that President Trump was a huge part of the answer to our very prayers. And in answer to those prayers, the Lord installed His divine interruption using “the Donald” via the Republican party.

Though, I also believe the Republican party still has many traitors of God and this nation in it as well, so President Trump, other discerning leaders, and Americans are a part of exposing them and every corruption in and tied to our government.

Praise God! The Lord desires we, Recover all.”

When He spoke to me about all this, He also added some heartbreaking testimonies AGAINST the church and how by giving so much place to the devil, that wicked thief has been able to wreak havoc against us and America (which I hope to share soon in another post).

Then, because there’s so much dispute in the church about Republican vs. Democrat even within the church, He spoke to me about names, YES names, and how the church is overcomplicating this issue when it is something so simple.

Hence the image above featuring people wearing name tags ;-). Sounds odd, but stay with me because it is powerful what He showed me.

So, it is not that God is a Republican or Democrat. Clearly. No brainer. But they are simply named vessels, and the main named vessel that the Lord is currently able to work through to save America and protect the church is the Republican party. Though, I am aware of a handful of democratic leaders that support and speak on Trump’s behalf because they disagree with the extreme, wicked direction of their own party. But overall, those are some truly wicked elected officials with matching wicked agendas.

I have a name. You have a name. And He uses us, right?

It’s that simple. He’s using the Donald J. Trump through the Republican party to accomplish His will. It’s simply where He is able to work – within those vessels that happen to have those names – NOT who He is more for or against.

Satan, who imitates what the Lord does, but with his perverted twist to destroy, is arrogant and prideful and loves working through named vessels as well. E.g. Hitler, the Nazi Party. And we recall when Jesus cast out many demons who called themselves “Legion.” Notice the enemy, that copycat defeated foe, names his powers and principalities, just as the Lord names His angels, us, etc.

And likewise, the defeated foe copycat masquerades as an angel of light searching for those who’ll give him place. He’s not omnipresent of course, so his demonic army of millions does so along with him in an organized, well-planned manner. And right now, in this season, the devil has risen up through the named vessel – the Democrat Party – because they gave him much place.

BUT GOD! And the prayers of His people! Hallelujah!

So, nope. God isn’t Republican or Democrat, He simple searches for hearts willing to prepare Him room where He is able to work, and that just so happen to be through something named, Republican, a man named, Donald J. Trump, and the remnant church.

Thus, He searched the hearts in the Democratic party, and as a whole since they bloodthirst for the slaughtering of the unborn, the level of demonic deception even possession they are under as a result, leaves no room for Him to work. Only the Lord knows for sure, but there are possibly many in that party who have reached reprobate states where they’ve decided in their hearts to never turn to the Lord and are hell bound. You can read, HAVE WE BEEN TOO MERCIFUL IN OUR PRAYERS? by JAMIE ROHRBAUGH, to learn more about this strong possibility.

So, the church can stop shouting, “Well, God isn’t a Republican or Democrat!” with understanding that…

…the Lord searched for where He could work, those people and places just happen to have names, and it’s not about the name of where He is able to work, but that PRAISE God, He found vessels to work THROUGH regardless of how they are named.

See how the enemy tries to get us to look at things the wrong way in order to divide us? It’s best to seek the Lord for James 1:5-8 wisdom to prevent these things, and hopefully, if we do so and find ourselves opposing the Lord in what He is doing that we repent (turn around) and go the right way – His way.