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HELP Children’s Health Defense who is calling on FDA to Immediately Take COVID Vaccines Off the Market: Your COMMENTS are needed on their petition

Our children are looking to US to protect them from these dangerous COVID vaccines. Children’s Health Defense has put out this petition and needs YOUR COMMENTS on it right away.

THIS LINK will take you to directly to the comments page of their petition.

***Please share this post or their petition directly for the sake of our children and our future as sovereign beings created in the image of God with divine rights to be free and live freely***

NOTE: I am not the owner of this petition. I am sharing it through my site to spread the word. I write about vaccines including the COVID ones from a Christian perspective: Vaccines: Truths & Dangers – and will continue to sound the alarm regarding them and their sinister purposes.

This is an excerpt from their site regarding this extremely important petition and call to action…

Dear CHD Friend,

Your help is crucial.

On May 16, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Meryl Nass, MD, on behalf of Children’s Health Defense (CHD), took a landmark step in the COVID crisis that has irrevocably changed billions of lives around the globe by filing a Citizen Petition with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to withdraw COVID-19 vaccines from the market.

Your comment now on the FDA petition is vital in preventing further injuries and deaths from these experimental medical products. Let your voice be heard!

The actions of the FDA affect global health policy. This filing allows all of us—not just those in the United States, but people from around the world—to speak directly to the U.S. government by commenting on the petition.

Specifically, the petition calls upon the FDA to:

Revoke the Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs) for COVID vaccines

Refrain from licensing COVID vaccines

Disallow the participation of minors in COVID vaccine trials

Immediately revoke all EUAs permitting vaccination of minors

Revoke its tacit approval of pregnant women receiving COVID vaccines

Immediately amend its existing guidance for the use of chloroquine drugs, ivermectin, and any other safe and effective drugs against COVID.

Science proves these “vaccines” are pointless!!!

POST A COMMENT: CHD Calls on FDA to Immediately Take COVID Vaccines Off the Market an excerpt from this post…

According to the most recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System data, there have been 192,954 reported adverse events following COVID vaccination, including 4,057 deaths between Dec. 14, 2020 and May 7, 2021.

These numbers stand in stark contrast to those reported following the aborted 1976 swine flu vaccine campaign that ended abruptly following approximately 30 reported deaths and 400 cases of Guillain–Barré syndrome.

Citing the extremely low risk to children from COVID, the petition calls on the FDA to immediately refrain from allowing minors to participate in COVID vaccine trials and to immediately revoke all EUAs permitting vaccination of children under 18.

“It’s time for the FDA to make a dramatic course correction before more deaths and injuries occur,” said Maureen McDonnell, MAMM founder.

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Call To Action

The “Equality Act” Would LITERALLY Protect Pedophiles and Promote the Assault of Minor Girls – Bombard Your Senators – What? A completely naked man in minor girls’ steam room!

Reading this made me weep, sisters and brothers in Christ, then outraged at its audacity, then angry, frustrated, and annoyed with Christians who voted for Biden who God forbid if this passes, would not veto a wicked bill like the Equality Act. A disgusting misnomer for it makes a way for pedophiles and sexual deviants to force our daughters to see their private parts against their will.

This wicked bill would set real women’s rights back centuries!

Read an except from this page of Liberty Counsel. It seems like something straight out of a nightmare. This man should be in prison forever.

If your blood doesn’t boil with outrage and disgust. If your heart does not break for what happened to these minor girls – CHILDREN! – for our daughters, our children, check your pulse, you may already be dead…

“A 45-year-old man sat completely naked, legs splayed open in the steam room as the swim team—girls ages 6 to 18—came in after practice. They were stunned. But instead of the man going to jail for indecent exposure, the coach was chastised for protecting the girls in her care.

If the “Equality Act” passes, this story will be repeated across the country. The Senate Judiciary hearing began yesterday. We must stop this insanity.

Mr. Clay Scott Francis describes himself as a pagan, a hedonist, a witch and a “kinky transgender.” Despite his lack of a “plumbing upgrade” (his words), this middle-aged biological male insists he is a not a man or a woman but a “girl” … a “girl” who should be allowed to steam naked with actual young girls.

We were first made aware of Mr. Francis after he exposed himself to a girls’ youth swim team in Washington state.

On the day in question, Mr. Francis stripped naked without so much as a towel to cover himself. He sat in the girls’ sauna, legs splayed and male genitalia exposed for all to see as he watched the girls come in from swim practice.


One of the team members, a 17-year-old girl, was headed for a shower when she saw the naked man sprawled out in the girls’ sauna. The girl fled the locker room for help.

Swim coach Tiffany Wright immediately confronted Mr. Francis. According to the police report, Miss Wright entered the girls’ sauna at which time she observed Mr. Francis sitting uncovered, with legs spread wide and “male genitalia showing.” Miss Wright told Mr. Francis, “You need to leave,” then asked school staff to call the police.

In the meantime, one of Mr. Francis’ friends called the campus to complain that Francis’ “female identity” had been called into question. Suddenly, instead of commendations for protecting the young girls in her charge, the swim coach was accused of bigotry for daring to object to a full-grown, naked male exposing himself to these young girls.

Mr. Francis, who sometimes goes by the pseudonym “Fae Raven,” discusses his sexual perversions and “needs” in detail on various dating websites that cater to deviant behavior. Francis calls himself a “very sexual person” requiring “regular sexual activity” to “feel more balanced and healthy.”

It is not hard to conclude that lacking willing partners, Mr. Scott “Fae Raven” Francis might choose to get his regular “activity” via voyeurism, or even worse, in the local girls’ locker room.

Ironically, Mr. Francis wants nothing to do with men. His “OKCupid” entry states unequivocally: “DO NOT CONTACT ME IF YOU ARE A MAN.”

Yet, Francis has no compunctions about forcing his manhood on others against their will. In fact, Francis claims he has the right to expose himself, even to little girls. “This is not 1959 Alabama,” he told local news media. “We don’t call the police for drinking from the wrong water fountain.”

Francis’ words about 1959 Alabama make clear what we have warned about all along—that sexual deviants would want to highjack racial equality laws for their own perverted use.

Equality laws were meant to protect racial minorities and women, yet the new “Equality Act” destroys both.

And if this so-called “Equality Act” passes, there will be NO protection for parents trying to maintain their children’s innocence. There will be NO protection for Christians who speak biblical truths and scientific facts about sex and proper human relations. There will be NO protection for Christian churches or schools that refuse to allow deviant perverts in the classroom.

The bill also protects the aftermath of sexual deviancy by making the murder of unborn children, aka abortion, a federal right. Therefore, there will also be NO protection for crisis pregnancy centers that refuse to recommend abortions, or for anyone to call abortion what it is—murder!

Everyone, even those with deeply held religious beliefs, will be forced to bow to the entirety of the LGBTQ and abortion lobbies’ agendas.

The “Equality Act” revokes religious freedom protections, leaving only sexual deviants and baby murderers as protected classes.

Please continue to CALL, EMAIL, and FAX YOUR SENATORS.

Don’t give up and keep crying out to the Lord for mercy and help. Give these senators NO rest. One call, etc. is not enough. Be detailed as to why this would destroy America.

If you can, call as many of them as possible.

Call To Action


Update on this evil bill – the “EQUALITY” Act – deceptively named because it completely robs women, our daughters, and Christians of their rights while EXALTING the rights of transgenders, making women, our daughters, and Christians LESSER citizens with less rights/complete removal of rights as well as expanding abortion (murdering babies) and its funding.


This bill is a literal assault (including commiting crimes) against women, our daughters, and criminalizing Christian beliefs as well as expanding the slaughter of the unborn through the evils of abortion.

UPDATE: The HB5 bill passed in Congress today, but please continue to CALL, EMAIL, and FAX YOUR SENATORS.

Don’t give up and keep crying out to the Lord for mercy and help. Give these senators NO rest. One call, etc. is not enough. Be detailed as to why this would destroy America.

A special CALL TO ACTION. Once you call your senators, BOMBARD Senator Joe Manchin in West Virginia. Apparently he is a key to getting this evil bill passed.

Call him, email him, get his fax number and fax him. Appeal to him as father and grandfather because he is both and ask him to protect our daughters, the unborn, and our religious freedoms. Say that this bill exalts the rights of transgenders above others, thus robbing women and our daughters of their rights. It also literally criminalizes religious freedom and would put many pastors in prison and force pro-life churches and business owners to fund the murder of the unborn and must be stooped.


Choose one subject or come up with your own

Subject: Read the bill – HB5 is an ASSAULT on our daughters!

Subject: Read the bill, uphold your oath, and VOTE NO on HB5!

Subject: The Equality Act (HB5) endangers our daughters with easy access for sexual predators!

Subject: The Equality Act (HB5) destroys women’s rights!

Subject: The Equality Act (HB5) destroys girls’ sports

Subject: The Equality Act (HB5) robs our daughters of their innocence

Subject: The Equality Acts (HB5) HATES our daughters!

Subject: The Equality Act (HB5) forces our daughters to see male private parts against their will in locker rooms

Subject: The Equality Act (HB5) is for the genital mutilation of children through chemical and surgical procedures

Subject: The Equality Act would put Billy Graham in jail!

Subject: The Equality Act (HB5) is pro-child abuse through promoting gential mutilation of minors

Dear Senator Manchin,

I am contacting you to urge you to vote NO on the “EQUALITY” Act (HB5)deceptively named because it completely robs women, our daughters, and people of religious convictions of their rights while EXALTING the rights of transgenders. This is a constitutional violation.

This bill is really an INEQUALITY BILL that:

  • Makes women, our daughters, and Christians LESSER citizens with complete removal of their rights.
  • Criminalizes freedom of speech and religion.
  • Utterly destroys our daughters’ sports and scholarship access.
  • Would put Billy Graham in jail were he alive today just for reading from the Holy Bible.
  • Would force our innocent, young daughters to violated in their own restrooms and locker rooms and give easy access to them by sexual predators.
  • Would force people of religious conviction to violate their conscience because of complete loss of their EQUAL rights.

No special laws should be passed to make any group of people a preferred class while completely robbing others of our rights. Not only robbing us of our rights but punishing and persecuting us for believing differently.  

Why should one class of people – transgenders – put other people groups in danger and TOTALLY remove their rights and freedoms?

This is an insane bill. I appeal to you not only as a representative of WE THE PEOPLE but as a father and grandfather. May God guide you for the sake of our Nation and protection of our children.



Send FREE short faxes using FAXZERO.COM

Pray, fast, and cry out to the Lord as well.

See this post for more info: THE DANGEROUS EQUALITY ACT (HB5) – The Wicked PRO-Assault and Attack on Women, Our Daughters, the Unborn, and Christians