Antichrist Agendas EXPOSED, Antichrist Spirit: Viral in the Church

Run with God’s Truth ALONE | Habakkuk 2:2 word

…and said “because My people have failed to make My Word plain upon the tablets, and calling what is evil, evil, and what is good, good, that the multitudes have been led astray, even to the slaughter.

Because a great many in the church lack His “plain upon the tablets” truth to “run with,” they run with the watered down, twisted scripture that deceives, conform to the ways of this world, and take the broad path that leads to destruction (Matthew 7:13-14). Without My truth, My people aren’t equipped with My “shield and buckler” against deception (Psalm 91:4).

We are in a massive spiritual war of the words the Lord says, and My people are in such a Word famine that they are easily deceived by words. Just like the garden – deception by cunning words.

Almost everything has been redefined by inspiration of the evil one. My people adopt the words of trickery of the enemy into their vocabulary then re-seed them into the world.”

Antichrist Spirit: Viral in the Church

The Antichrist Spirit Has Gone Viral in the Church Part 2 | My pastor took the jab???

The Antichrist Spirit Has Gone Viral in the Church Part 2 – shining the Word of God onto things exposes things. See how the Word of God exposes the antichrist spirit in many churches as well as how it exposes pastors, church leaders, missionaries, ministries, and seminaries who took/promote the vile vial.