Rapture Humor: “Let’s Put on White Robes and Sit on the Roof”

This rapture humor by Jack Hibbs cracked me up. He meant it as a joke, but honestly, there’s some seriousness to it because some have reached the point of only watching, instead of also obeying Christ’s command to occupy until He comes.

Occupy what? The earth, spiritual and physical territory, through spiritual warfare and putting faith into action.

What’s the point with so much evil? Because He said so. AND who want to let the devil have another inch before the time anyway?

Excerpt from the above video…

“It’s hard to stay faithful to shining the light in being
salt knowing that Jesus could come back in
any second.

Why do we just listen? Why don’t we just fold our arms and sleep so to speak?

Why don’t we just…wait…Let’s put on white robes and sit on the roof.

No, the Bible says occupy till I come. You gotta keep doing the right thing until He shows up.

I’m gonna submit to you that because I believe Jesus could come back today, this is why we’re planning a
pastor’s conference regarding the future of California.

So who cares about California? Well, I have to care because I’m still here. I have to prepare for the next 100 years, but I believe Jesus could come back today.” [end of excerpt]


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