Smith Wigglesworth on Vaccines

Smith Wigglesworth (10 June 1859 – 12 March 1947), a British evangelist who took God for His Word regarding healing and deliverance knew even back then that vaccinations are not of God.

Some of the symptoms mentioned below remind me of autism spectrum disorder and similar disorders that attack the mind, will, and emotions of a child and many body systems, tormenting them.

Excerpt from video begins here ~ 13:25 minute mark…

“Lately scientists and doctors have told
you that they can make a child purer by
putting impure matter into them through

It’s foolish for any sane person to put
impure matter into a child that is pure.
I’ve seen blindness and idiocy and all
kinds of evil come from that evil
hideous science.

God Deliver us from such foolishness
a little girl was brought to me who was
as perfect and pure child as there ever
was. From the days of her vaccination she was
blind, a beautiful girl of nine years.

From the days of her vaccination, an evil
spirit possessed her so that she
screamed and moaned for years and years.

The neighbor said to her father, we can’t
bear to hear your child night after
night day after day screaming and

They pleaded with him to have the child
put in an asylum
the father lifted up his big hands and

“I’ll work these fingers to the bone if
necessary so that my child will never
have to go to an asylum.”

One day they invited me to this home
taking with me a much stronger and
bigger man than myself.

There we saw this child crying and
rolling about from place to place.
I got hold of the child to comfort it
but only a father or mother knows how to
help the poor things.

In a moment it twisted out of my hands
like a serpent how strange.
The big man that was with me said I’ll
take hold of the child he took it but
the child in a mysterious way got out of
his hands and went up some steps crying
bitterly and with the moaning that went
right through you.

Then the Spirit of the Lord came on me I
went at the staircase took hold of the
child looked right in her eyes and said
come out you evil spirit in the name of

She went to a couch close by and fell
asleep and from that day was perfectly
well. [end of transcript excerpt that began around 13:25 minutes into the above video]

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