Paul’s Thorn Twisted Into a Doctrine of Unbelief (excerpt from my book)

Teachings on Paul’s infamously prickly thorn in the flesh have been a stickler for many in the church. Misinterpretations of this passage insist that Jesus didn’t pay for healing by His stripes for all people. Consequently, many deduce that healing is only for a mysterious few “if it be God’s will.”

Why? Because the father of lies has twisted the Word with the diabolical deception that our Heavenly Father refused to heal Paul in his body from a sickness – one he supposedly pleaded with Him to be delivered from. Thus, many pulpits continue to teach an outright doctrine of unbelief that declares Jesus’ stripes and shed blood are powerless to heal us today (2 Timothy 3:5).

–from The Infamously Prickly Thorn in the Flesh by D.L. McClaskie

Visit The Infamously Prickly Thorn in Paul’s Flesh page to see where you can purchase it in paperback or as an eBook.

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