“The Lord told me, ‘It’s not just for you…I’m releasing it to the entire nation’” – Asbury Revival 2023

Transcript of above video…

all right guys

just got out

I can’t explain to you what I
experienced in there
I don’t want you to see something
all day long since the morning
these people have been waiting and
standing hours
okay they’ve been waiting hours out here
since 7 6 a.m in the morning
this lion
we were in this line
and right about this moment right here
we were blessed and it took us straight
big shout out
to Germaine and Lisa Brunson
I don’t know just favor they got
we didn’t even ask to be and we thought
long story and I’ll share that later
but guys look at this line is still
wrapped around the entire campus man
wrapped around the campus and I’m going
to tell you why
the minute I walked in there
I mean you could fill the presents out
but I didn’t even get to my seat
and you can feel the thickness of his
and I don’t even know how to say it or
how to explain it
but it was worth the flight and it was
worth the drive you know and one thing
the Lord told me because it’s just not
for you to come and bask in it here
I’m releasing this to the entire nation
and I’m taking this back to my church to
my city on that bus on the plane

so if you couldn’t make it here listen
don’t be bitter
and don’t be a Debbie Downer and don’t
be trying to you know say what things
that are just not okay
we’ll tell you something God wrecked me
in there man
and all I can say is this revival it’s
just like bringing people back to their
first love even when you think you’re
right and you think that you’re doing it
and you get in this presence and you’re
so undone you’re so unclean your soul
when you get in here I’m telling you man
you could be on top of the mountain and
when he shows up you realize man you
ain’t even scratched the surface of who
you’re supposed to be
and so I’m telling you guys man
I got people out there they’re talking
about why you gotta drive over there but
tell you because what’s right here ain’t
everywhere right now what’s right here
the same reason you drive four hours to
come to the extreme or drive five hours
to go to conferences because they’re
when God releases certain places that
are marked people that are ordained to
be there they show up there
they show up there and they receive what
God has I’m going to tell you guys right
that’s it’s crazy man

it’s crazy
the minute I walked in there and you
could just feel you could see like a
glory Cloud over the top and Right Above
It All
is a huge sign
and it says Holiness unto the Lord

telling you man
there’s no words to describe it [end]

And I pray beyond this nation to every nation. Hallelujah!

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