Asbury revival with a spirit of repentance

“Asbury TESTIMONY, IF NEED CONVINCING..JUST WATCH THIS – Asbury University Revival.”

No idea how anyone could watch what’s happening in Asbury and scoff and harden their hearts and say even one negative Word. Glory to God alone! Youth and MANY hungering and thirsting for the Lord and His presence is good and of God! Yes yes yes! Praise the Lord!

Father, shut the mouth of every lion and dry, God-limiting, carnally-minded Pharisee. Hedge out anything that would try to control this spontaneous move of the Spirit in our youth and others. Pour Your wisdom into the leadership at Asbury. Blanket them and this nation and the nations with a Spirit of the fear of the Lord that many repent and turn to the Lord in Jesus’ name, amen.

The GREAT COMMISSION didn’t expire. It’s still the church’s job to preach Christ, heal and deliver people from sickness, demons, and glorify the Lord in the earth.

Excerpt from this video (partial transcript, no punctuation), “The man said to me please pray for our Dean and continue to pray for us but
this is the thing I told the man I said listen I know this is real so I don’t want you to think that I don’t think
this is real I said I felt it in my in my in my bathroom when I was watching it from Atlanta and I was repenting that was the first thing that that came upon
my uh my heart was was was tears and repenting that’s the first thing and I spoke with another brother today he said man when I saw your video like I started
repenting I started fasting and that’s the same exact thing that happened to me before I even got here and to be honest with you you can ask my wife I was
distraught because I wasn’t here I was distraught my wife said you look way better now you’re here do you feel better you’re good because I was literally laying on the couch like and like I was hungry for something and I wasn’t being fed and she was like let’s just go to Kentucky you your heart is there your heart is there let’s just go so we came but listen folks this thing is real man this thing is real bro and it’s not just here’s other universities and they’re not allowing people to come and hijack it those big name celebrity people that are coming here they’re saying like leave your agenda at the door this is basically coming from the
mouth of a of a staff member and this man was in tears when he was talking to me because I was telling him about how I was repenting I was telling to him about how another brother was repenting and and he just he just got overwhelmed he was crying literally crying like these people here at Asbury University you
know at this school man these people are hungry for God bro they they’re not they’re No Nonsense man they’re no nonsense and from what it is right now
from what it is right now this thing’s legit and even if something does happen it doesn’t stop what God is
doing right now and what God has done even if someone does come in in in hijack it it doesn’t stop what God is doing like people are questioning things
about oh they’re a part of the Nar and they’re Zionist and all this weird stuff and listen I’m like in the room y’all are judging from you know from your from your computer table from your phone from your tablet I’m literally in the room and you know what I see I see people crying I see people hungry for Jesus I see people reading their Bible I see people getting prayed for I hear uh prayer about pornography being going
going out a prayer against pornography I just came out of the meeting just now they were praying against poor pornography and it gets sexual immorality the guy that I spoke with said there’s no uh he said the
Universalist and all those stuff he said that that’s not we’re not doing any of that here he said that stuff don’t work like this is like this is these people
people know these people know what they’re doing by
God’s grace and even if they don’t think that they know the way it looks they’re not playing games bro
they’re not playing no games but these people have a heart for God man like a staff member a random guy
literally is in tears talking to me about these things and you know God is faithful bro like God is faithful man so just wanted to give you guys that man this there’s no Nar movement there’s no Zionist movement
and again this is for those who will listen who have been listening to the fake uh to the Liars who have been listening to the liars and the Skeptics Christian Skeptics right you know like you’ve been listening to them but you want to believe it’s true and that some of you are in bondage because you’re like in a Facebook click with people who all believe the same thing and you don’t want to like your heart is telling you to go but you don’t want to like be basically excommunicated from your Facebook friends like you
better leave those people alone and you better if you if you feel led to come you better come and if you feel led to believe and say I believe this is the Lord then yes what you need to do and stop being clicked up
stop being clicked up that is a Facebook cult and you need to get out of the Facebook code I’m telling you
all these people out here trying to dissect and discern everything and you know exegete what’s in there Exige
what’s on these people’s faces extra cheat Exige what’s on these people’s faces discern what’s on these people’s faces with people crying out to God dare you
call the Ark of God’s covenant uh false dare you call with the with the with the move of the pr what the presence of God is doing false how dare you how dare you how dare you people died when they touched the ark people died when they touched the Ark in the old Covenant

how dare you
how dare you
so be careful I’m telling you folks it’s
either a God or of the devil and I’ll be
very quick or very slow to speak because
if you’re speaking against it you’re
literally saying this is of the devil
without saying it’s of the devil I’d be
very careful I’m here
I’m here man these folks ain’t playing

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