As the World is Willingly Spoon Feeding the Insatiable, A.I. Beast

As the world is willingly spoon feeding the insatiable, A.I. beast at breakneck speed, I hear the Holy Spirit telling me to slow down, slow way down even, and spend time with Him in prayer and His Holy Word.

Christ’s people are a set apart people, not called to run with everything the world runs with. We are called to pray about everything, seek His wisdom and direction, that He alone is the light that directs our path.

I’m a person who walks by faith, and not fear, but I have been having this image in my head of people everywhere furiously typing in their prompts into fields and with every submission – double meaning there – they are nourishing the A.I. beast, training it as the tech people call it, making it stronger and stronger for some potential terrible destruction.

One of the meanings of artificial is counterfeit, and we know that, “Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light,” 2 Corinthians 11 verse 14.

Artificial also means unreal, bogus, fabricated, fake, false, imitation, phony, sham, etc. Just saying.

I pray that God’s people don’t allow themselves to get sucked into this A.I. vortex and stick to what is real – the people Jesus loved and died to save from perishing for eternity.

Let’s continue to preach Christ, know the Word firsthand that we have the faith to heal the sick, cast out demons, and raise the dead. The time is short. Jesus is coming back soon. May we glorify Him and His Name throughout the earth.

Don’t be distracted by what distracts the world. Don’t be impressed by what is counterfeit.

Be in awe of God and His Holy Word. Teach your children the Word and ways of the Lord. The enemy is roaming about trying to devour every vulnerable child he can get his hands on. Don’t let it be your children.

It’s also important not to lose sight of man’s ability to create beauty with his hands, doing so with much time, care, heart, and love instead of artificially, in milliseconds, sterile, without heart and soul.

God’s people are called to live by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God. If you’re thinking about jumping on the A.I. bandwagon of the world, have you lived according to the words of Proverbs 3 verses 5 to 8 regarding the matter?

They read…

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.

Do not be wise in your own eyes;
Fear the Lord and depart from evil.
It will be health to your flesh,
And strength to your bones.

I’m not saying A.I. itself is outright evil, but I am saying what the Word says: Pray about it, asking for God’s wisdom and guidance on the matter as it pertains to you and your household.

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  1. We rest on the sovereign will of our loving God. Have a blessed New Year.. ?

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