Modern Child Sacrifice

I’ve been saying this to sisters in the Lord for years and even on this blog. As God’s people, we MUST call things as God calls them in His Word.

Abortion is modern child sacrifice.

An abomination, the shedding of innocent blood, and great and terrible sin in the eyes of God. It is 100% inspired by the powers of darkness and those who are for it are bloodthirsty for the lives of unborn babies.

The above video animation by is excellently done and in obedience to the Word of God to call what is evil, evil and describes abortion using biblical terms, not the world’s.

Lining up our words with terms from the devil’s dictionary such as ABORTION is not God’s will without highlighting it with scripture. The word abortion is intended to soften and deceive people away from what it is: CHILD SACRIFICE.

The church must begin to speak His way and not the enemy’s so people have a pure and definitive understanding of what they are doing in His sight when they abort [child sacrifice] a child.

There’s forgiveness in Christ Jesus for those who’ve committed this evil act for His blood is more powerful than any sin.

But outside of Christ, we know that the wages – one’s payment – for sin is eternal death and damnation, eternal separation from God, and judgment according to one’s evil works the Word says.

Perhaps those who die outside of Christ will spend eternity in an anti-Groundhog Day movie scenario where there’s no possibility for redemption and do-overs. Where over and over one is dismembered by medical instruments and feels every ounce of the pain the children who were child sacrificed in the womb felt. Limbs torn off without anesthesia over and over for eternity.

Please, I implore you, turn from the evil of this modern day child sacrifice, abortion, and if you are not in Christ, turn to Him right now and have every sin washed away.

Become His righteousness so no matter what you’ve done in your past, God will remember it no more, and you will spend eternity with Him and be spared of eternal damnation and judgement.

The time is short. We are in the last of the last days.

Please see…

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