Medical Professional QUITS After Witnessing This… | Pro-Life Animation (Warning: Very Graphic) by Choice 4 2

Absolutely sobbing from watching this animation by Choice 4 2, “Medical Professional QUITS After Witnessing This…” | Pro-Life Animation (Warning: Very Graphic).

It’s still blows my mind that anyone can call abortion a right or healthcare and not cast one care toward the unborn baby whose life is so violently ended. The most vulnerable and defenseless of all looking to its mother to protect him or her.

It is absolute evil that women and mothers have become bloodthirsty for unborn children. Literally screeching and gnashing their teeth for the right to choose to end their own children’s lives. To literally partake in the act of child sacrifice.

Truly we are in the last of the last days!

bloodthirsty [ bluhd-thur-stee ] adjective
eager to shed blood; murderous;
enjoying or encouraging bloodshed or violence

The above video is very graphic and extremely difficult to watch but important to share for the sake of innocent unborn children.

No abortion is ever right for any reason.

Lord Jesus, Lord Jesus, deliver these babies from every evil. Shake the world awake to this satanic practice. Cause the world to see it exactly as You do and repent and turn from this wicked thing. Cause it to be unthinkable to all upon the earth. Children are only a blessing, a gift, precious image bearers. Have mercy, Lord. Have mercy in Jesus’ name, amen.

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