The Infamously Prickly Thorn in Paul’s Flesh Book Trailer

As children of God, we have a precious blood-bought inheritance in Christ that includes bodily healing. Yet a great many sons and daughters of the King have been outwitted by the enemy’s devices of deception. Thus, embracing his captivity in ignorance.

Just as that cunning serpent deceived Adam and Eve into forfeiting their position and authority to him, he continues to successfully use diabolical twistings of God’s Word to rob even His very elect of what’s rightfully theirs.

Through the light of God’s Word, discover the truth about the infamously prickly thorn, how Paul’s character has been maligned, the depths of spiritual violence against Christ’s greatest work, religious doctrines of devils that have infiltrated the church, and His will on healing made plain upon the tablets.

Far too many of God’s people have been devoured for far too long. It’s time for the multitudes to disarm deception and triumph in His truth for healing.


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