In God We Trust Performance

From the video’s description…”America’s freedom came at a price—one we should never forget. Thousands of brave men and women fought so that future generations like ours could enjoy freedom. That fight, however, is not yet over.

2:30pm – Color Guard Presentation

2:50pm – Welcome & Introduction

3:00pm – In God We Trust Performance

The In God We Trust musical features engaging drama, military action, re-enactments of significant American historical events, and inspiring musical numbers. Throughout the production, you will see why the basis of America’s success is our founding fathers’ unwavering trust in God. You’ll also be reminded of why the American flag is more than just cloth and dye—it represents the lives of those who selflessly fought for our freedom. Families looking for a truly patriotic celebration will enjoy this entertaining and educational production.

Watching the above performance, you’re also witnessing a WALKING MIRACLE. One of the actors in it, Tim McDermott, was TOTALLY and miraculously healed from autism several years ago. His brother too! Some videos to glorify the Lord!

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