God’s Word: ALWAYS First for “IT IS WRITTEN!”

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I have prayed with many Christians, and I listen to the words of their heart. Tragically, a good number of them express words that clearly convey that they do not believe His Word and promises are even a valid part of the equation when they are in a battle or tough circumstance.

Don’t let this be you!

No, instead know the Word and know all the covenant rights Jesus purchased for you under this new and better covenant with new and better promises.

It’s very sad listening to His children who never mature through His Word and by His Spirit, year after year declaring defeat every time they face difficulty. I lovingly and gently give them verse after verse after verse of the promises of victory that apply to their situation, hoping it will turn their words of doom and gloom to declarations of victory as covenant children of God. The effects are shortlived, and the next day, it’s back to declaring defeat and destruction over themselves.

Don’t let this be you!

This is NOT condemnation of these dear ones in Christ, some whom I have come to love very much. This is an exhortation to you, the reader of this post, to get to know the Word for yourself and daily so His truth it rooted in Your heart, so when the enemy comes trying to steal, kill, and destroy, you can bodly and confidently answer that liar as Jesus did: IT IS WRITTEN!


  • I am a blood-bought by Jesus Christ covenant child of the Most High God.
  • I am a daughter/son of the King of kings and Lord of lords.
  • I have been made perfect and righteous by and in Jesus Christ.
  • All His yes and amen promises are MINE! I need only take them and receive them by faith alone because of His grace and finished work.
  • Based on my covenant standing, I can declare victory over the enemy and boldy expect to have and receive what I ask for in prayer.
  • I never have to be like the spies and declare myself as a grasshopper compared to any giant I face because God is the One who fights for me and NO ONE and NOTHING and NO POWER of hell can stand againt me and mine.

In the name of Jesus, amen!

2 responses to “God’s Word: ALWAYS First for “IT IS WRITTEN!””

  1. I love this post! As a member of a prayer team I have experienced sadness over some of the prayers that are offered because many are prefaced with if it be your will. He has already made his will known and his word so I agree with you that these prayers should be prefaced with it is written.

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    1. Praise God for the revelation He’s given you by the Spirit. All we can do is fervently pray for them, their faith, and strongholds to be broken off their minds. We have to do our part which is get the Word in us, so we can know His will which gives us bold faith, the ability to take thoughts captive, use our blood bought authority, and answer the devil and every evil report with…for it is WRITTEN, by Jesus’ stripes I WAS healed, etc etc. It’s because they don’t know His will that they pray those prayers, also poisoned by certain denominations that literally preach the denial of the power of the body, name, blood, and atonement of Jesus Christ, so satan blinds them. It’s very sad and it grieves the Father’s heart for He warns His people perish for lack of knowledge. We see the boldness of the people in the Word who understood covenant. Glory to God for this amazing covenant we have because of Jesus! Thanks for commenting, sister. God bless you for praying His will into the earth for Him and others. ❤


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