Needing ALL the “R’s” right about now

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Don’t know about you, but these have been heavy times for me. The world inundated with so much evil, agendas straight from the pit of hell. Too much to pray about every day. Can’t keep up. Warning and warning others about the dangers and evils of the “jabs” in obedience to the Lord.

If I’m unable to post, it’s because I am on purpose basking and perculating in the much needed “R’s”…







And in some parts of my life – Resurrection.

None of which can be found apart from Father, Son (AKA the Word), Holy Spirit.

Sometimes, the world becomes too much for me, and we can only pour oursevles out so much and for so long until we ourselves must be Refilled.

God bless, and remember that though when we Refresh others, His Word says we ourselves will also be Refreshed (Proverbs 11:25), sometimes we need some consecutive, dedicated alone time with God for a Recalibration.

There He gives us new treasures of Revelation from His Word, even Redirection – a new thing He wants to do in our lives and the lives of others around us we are in Relationship with – loved ones, friends, perhaps some of our Readers.

For You alone are my Resting place, O God.

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