Spread joy and laughter on purpose for it is such good medicine

“A merry heart does good, like medicine,” (Proverbs 17:22).

A tragic observation I’ve observed in the church is there’s not enough joy and laughter and lots of too much taking oneself too seriously. Maybe to some it’s somehow not seen as holy enough for God to chortle, snort, and cry with bellyaching laughter.

Personally, the Lord knows I could care less what other people think about me being who He made me to be – this includes pursing joy and laughter on purpose and spreading it to others. Some greatly appreciate it. Some adjust the pole up their behinds to doublecheck to see if their misery and stoic countenance are still in tact.

I feel sad for them. I love them. I pray for them, but I cannot relate to them.

Has my life been easy? Not at all, but I pursue the joy of the Lord, laughter, humor, laughing at myself, and spreading joy to others.

A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance

– Proverbs 15:13.

The Word says a merry heart makes a cheerful countenance, and I want to shine for Jesus, not bear a continual sourpuss face where Him and His love and nature are undetectable.

About that book cover above. It’s not a real book cover. It was a small gift of love and laughter I created to send to my best friend so we could have a good snorting laugh fest about the dangers of not reading labels.

Once upon a time, my BFF didn’t read the label on the Airborne package, completely missing that they were the effervescent type…

She proceeded to place the tablet into her mouth which became a face-flubbering, foam producing mess. LOL! And her retelling of it and imitation of herself and face and bug-eyes at the foam forming and coming out of her mouth had my face soaked with tears. So funny! So needed!

Fast forward to the other day. I bought my first can of cold coffee. I like my coffee hot even in Florida in the summer, but we were in a hurry, didn’t want to make an extra stop, so I figured it was a no better time to try of of those canned ones.

Well, I popped the top and began to drink it and said to my son, “Oh no! I should’ve shaken it some because it seems like the flavors need to be mixed together a bit.”

*My son laughs at me and points at the can*

“Mom, it says: do NOT shake.”

He was correct. It said it all around the rim. I was baffled as to why I couldn’t shake a non-carbonated can of coffee, then read on the front of the can that the foam is infused with NITROUS OXIDE gas. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Lord, who knew we had to read labels to avoid foam-faced flubbers and volcanic cans of coffee?

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