Want to heal the sick as God commands? These two things go hand in hand to do so (and a book recommendation)

Get is on amazon dot com: https://amzn.to/3xxzpi0

Recently, I was telling the Lord how grieved I’ve been at times when I could find no love, mercy, and compassion in the church, especially towards the sick, bound, and tormented.

And the Word has already warned us of the condition of man in the last of the last days NOT excluding in the church…“And because lawlessness [rampant sin] will abound, the love of many will grow cold,” (Matthew 24:12).

It’s important to pray for the Lord to fill us with His love, mercy, and compassion towards others, and for eyes to see the sick as He always did. And in the gospels, we see He was always FULL of mercy and compassion and love towards them and all bound by satan. NEVER disregard, inaction, or lack of compassion and mercy.

And if He never showed disregard, inaction, and lack of mercy and compassion towards the sick, should this not always be our position as well? Therefore, we too should only be so full of His love, mercy, and compassion towards ALL the sick as was He and be moved with His passion to heal them and set them free.

Having made my complaints to the Lord about the state of the church, I believe He led me to the above book the other day. It’s an answer to prayer and confirmation of what the Lord has been speaking to my heart.

If we want to heal the sick as He commands, we need not only His power but an overflowing of His love – the love we’ve come to know and cherish so deeply.

That the gifts of the spirit should be passionatley desired not for self interest but to demonstrate His love to others. I’m still reading the book now, but so good!

You can grab a copy of Brenneman’s book here if it seems like something that will minister powerfully to you or you have a HUGE heart to heal the sick as Jesus did.

God bless and thanks for stopping by. ❤

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