Christians Taking COVID Vaccines are Perpetuating the Demand for Aborted Babies as Products for Profit


Every single COVID vaccine was either grown and/or tested in the cells of aborted babies. If a follower of Jesus Christ takes one of them, he/she is using his/her free will to continue to create a demand for more babies to be used to create vaccines as well as for other scientific research.

Translation: innocent blood is on their hands.

This is an abomination, and every pulpit should say so.

Using the cells from aborted (murdered) babies in vaccines is nothing new. It’s been going on for decades.

Where has the utter outrage from the church been?

If there had been an outcry against unethical and immoral vaccines using murdered babies as products to grow vaccines in decades ago by the church for the sake of these tiny image bearers of God, we could have single handedley put a stop to all science using them.

But alas, we did not, and now we have a multitude of pulpits pushing these abominable COVID vaccines on God’s children and the world.

For how much I wonder? For how much are they selling their flocks for? Thirty-pieces of silver perhaps?

This article states that MANY churches “are even offering their sanctuaries as vaccination sites, to make the experience more accessible and reassuring.”

Ya, don’t say? But mum’s the word by these same church “leaders” hosting this abomination (vaccine) containing murdered babies for profit in their said sanctuaries. Let’s not neglect to mention there will be spiritual consequences for their partaking, and therefore, promotion of it – a door to the enemy swung wide open to have his way with their bodies with all forms of sickness, disease, torment of mind, etc.

A Holy God will not use the shedding of innocent blood to bless health.

Listen to the insanity of these words, with a TRUE demonstration of their “wolf speak” lies from the pit of hell these pastors and church leaders are feeding the Lord’s flocks,

“Good morning, flock, I come to you today as your pastor in an effort to coax you into receiving the COVID vaccine. Yes, the one containing human sacrifice. I will now twist scripture and its definition of love to do so.

As we all know, the Bible clearly teaches that God will use vaccines produced via the shedding of innocent blood, which He defines as an abomination, as a vessel to bless your health.

Now, run and get your evil jab. By the way, I have received a monetary “blessing” to become a vaccination center, so you can get yours right here after the service,” *howls* by mistake then says *baaaaaaaaa aaaa* to quickly cover himself.

NOTE: That “wolf speak” you just read was intended to be an accurate portrayal of what these pastors are REALLY saying when they are pushing this vaccine on their churches – a painting of the lies these wolves are telling.

I am 100% in disagreement with any and all twisting of scripture to promote the use of these COVID vaccines and any vaccines grown and/or tested in cells from aborted babies.

My family and I utterly refuse and denouce this vaccine and will never take it for any reason.

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Christians ‘must not participate or accept practices that perpetuate and encourage the relationship between abortion, biomedical science, and human trafficking[.]’” – U.S. Personhood dot org

I heard from a video online and wish I could remember the name of the doctor, but she said that churches in Florida were each getting $30,000 to become vaccination centers for the COVID vaccines. If you read this and know who this is, please comment or use my contact page to email me. I’d love to know and post and/or do a video about it.

Have mercy on us, Lord!

Seriously. Child of God, look up for our redemption draws near. Jesus is coming soon and very soon.

Keep resisting and standing up to evil until the very end in the name of the Lord.

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For a dose of disgust followed by crying out to the Lord, you can read about these false shepherds in this article, “Clergy Preach Faith in the Covid Vaccine to Doubters.”

THE PROOF: Many aborted babies are used in vaccine creation – Excerpt: “In the 1960s, he [Dr. Plotkin] played a role in creating the Rubella vaccine. His book, Vaccines,  is the standard reference textbook on the subject.

The study used over 70 aborted babies. And, after numerous clarifications, he is forced to admit that, yes, this was related to his work with vaccines.

The children aborted were not disabled babies who were likely to die in the womb anyway. They were not miscarriages either, as is so often presented to assuage the consciences of people conflicted about taking abortion-tainted vaccines. That is just a complete falsehood. He even says that all of them were over three months gestation. 

If that is not grotesque enough, Dr. Plotkin’s response to harvesting organs from these dozens of babies, who were aborted all after the third month of pregnancy, is even further disturbing. 

So, they were healthy unborn babies all beyond three months gestation and they had to be three months in utero or older because they needed to have developed the organs these mad scientists were after, organs like their pituitary glands, the unborn children’s lungs, their skin, their kidneys, spleen, hearts and tongues.  

There were so many of these children killed and, yet, we are supposed to use these abortion-tainted vaccines? That is why Bishop Athanasius Schneider told me there is no way Christians can take these vaccines.”

Praise God for this bishop and every church leader standing by the Word of the Lord about these evil vaccines.

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