VACCINES: A Wealth of Knowledge and Truth on Daystar TV [VIDEOS]

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Just because so called “experts” often riddled with conflicts of interest coming out the wazoo say, “safe and effective,” over and over, doesn’t mean they are telling you the truth.

Yes, people who stand to benefit financially if they have success or lose billions if they don’t will lie and do. A LOT.

Can people really trust a pharmacueatical industry that profits from people being and staying sick and dependent upon their drugs? Multiple drugs even?

An industry who also makes vaccines saying they do so because they want us well?

I don’t trust them. At all. I strongly believe the enemy has long since hijacked the entire pharaceutical industry. The door of entry? Man’s greed and lust for money and power no matter who got stepped on for them to get there.

From Daystar’s site, “What if the most dangerous thing your child could face in life is the very thing you’re told by your doctor is safe? With very few safety protocols and a growing number of vaccine related injuries, it’s now more important than ever to educate yourself on vaccines so you can make the most informed decision for your child’s health. By bringing you the latest, up-to-date information and interviews, it is our hope that you will find the best information and answers to your questions, so you will be empowered to make confident decisions for your child’s health and future.”

There are several videos on Daystar telling the truth about vaccines….

You can watch them here.

The one with Dr. Tennpenny speaks a lot about the dangers of the COVID vaccine as well as the FACT that they contain and/or are grown in the cells of aborted (murdered) babies.

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