I greatly appreciate this straight talking pastor, Mario Murillo, who doesn’t feel the need to wear a “pious” hat and speak nice sounding words when niceties are SO FAR from what is called for.

The world needs truth according to scripture, and when it sees evil, even if it falsely wears a title such as president, it needs to hear the church call evil, evil.

Enough of this respect the office of the president trash when this one stole the seat and only knows how to lie and cheat.

If WOE TO JOE is talking, he’s lying. Wake up, church! We can’t negotiate with tools of satan.

But what gives me GREAT comfort is the Word of God. That is the greater truth. And I wield that Word from my mouth like a sword against the principalities and powers of darkness coming against the American church and America.

Word weapons like this truly keep me in God’s perfect peace:

Psalm 31:17 – Do not let me be ashamed, O Lord, for I have called upon You; Let the wicked be ashamed; Let them be silent in the grave.

Joel 2:27 – My people shall never be put to shame.

Psalm 7:14-15 – Behold, the wicked brings forth iniquity; Yes, he conceives trouble and brings forth falsehood. 15 He made a pit and dug it out, And has fallen into the ditch which he made.

Psalm 57:6 – They have prepared a net for my steps; My soul is bowed down; They have dug a pit before me; Into the midst of it they themselves have fallen. Selah

Galatian 6:7-8 – Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap corruption.

Psalm 37:12-15 – The wicked plots against the just, And gnashes at him with his teeth. The Lord laughs at him, For He sees that his day is coming. The wicked have drawn the sword And have bent their bow, To cast down the poor and needy, To slay those who are of upright conduct. 15 Their sword shall enter their own heart, And their bows shall be broken.

If we ask anything according to His will in faith, we have the petitions we ask of Him. That’s His Word. So, we can thank Him in advance for bringing His Word to pass regarding the wicked who’ve come against America, the church, even the nations.

All glory to God who is mighty to save and to be magnified ABOVE all that is seen!

Mario Murillo Ministries

There once was a preacher who was just plain boring. How boring? A man on the back pew became so angry about it that he went outside and got a brick. When he came back in, he threw the brick at the preacher. But it fell short and ended up hitting a man sitting in the front row in the back of his head. The victim stood up reeling, and said, “Hit me again, I can still hear him.” 

Tonight, I felt just like that man. Joe Biden’s speech was pure torture. I just wanted it to stop.

I am a man of God. I am trying to exercise restraint and grant due respect. But there comes a time when the corruption and madness is so beyond the pale that human decorum must be set aside for the sake of truth and decency.

It is difficult to say which part…

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