STATUS: FED UP (God can work with that)

I’m done y’all. Fed up with the insane asylum we call planet earth.

The wicked call good, evil. Down, up. Up, down. Penises, vaginas. Vaginas, penises.

Just NO!!!

I’m D-O-N-E! DONE!

I will not succumb to the deranged narratives of the wicked.

They can falsely call me every derogatory name they can come up with. I know my heart. I belong to Jesus. I know exactly how I see people – not evil – people.

Their shame tactics will not work on me.

Jesus covered my shame with His nakeness. He already paid for it. I am free. Free indeed. Set free by the precious blood of Christ. Liberty, that is Jesus, has sealed me.

Their fiery darts bounce off my armor in the name of Jesus.

They can take their names and narratives and stick them where the “sun don’t shine” – hell!

The Lord can use fed up. Sometimes He allows us to come to this place, so He can use our fed-upedness, our anger as fuel to get us to fight for what is right.

It was never supposed to be all on President Trump. Like I’ve heard people say, “He was a firewall.” We should have been working harder than ever while he was still in office to reclaim as much “land” as possible from evil. But alas, we messed up. BIGTIME!

But praise God, He is merciful, just, and BIGGER than our mistakes. He is the God who multiplies and can and will multiply our efforts and prayers now to take back land from the works of the devil.

Do not give up! Do not stop praying. Ask the Lord what He’d have you do on the local level, school boards, etc. in addition to praying.

Lord, use my fed up status for good, for your glory, as fuel in this fight against the gates of hell in Your name which will NOT prevail against the church. To be a part of reclaiming America for You, our families, for the sake of the gospel. To be able to see justice in the land in Jesus’ name, amen.

So over it all, I even created this today…LOL!

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