A Grace Only Jesus? So Much Stirring by the Spirit. We Must Never Again Present a Fake Jesus

A few weeks ago, I had a vision, which I don’t have often. This wasn’t an open vision but a “brief scene” of a hand on a dial turning it up. He’d been speaking to me about the dispensation of grace we are living in now.

I try to be careful not to speak or write about something the Lord shows me until I have more revelation on it. Sometimes, that more comes a few hours, days, or weeks later. Sometimes, even years. But I will share the parts I believe He’s revealed to me so far.

I believe with every passing moment we are moving closer to the end of this dispensation of grace and are closer than ever before to being raptured. God reveals things to us in part, but I believe that dial being turned up represents things being turned up in these end times. More justice, more glory, more miracles, and of course more evil, the enemy knowing his time is short. And more of much I know not yet of.

I also get a sense that as we move towards the unknown day of the church’s rapture that it will seem like there’s less grace and more justice and judgment as well. That it won’t be like God turning an “on and off” switch but that the change will be gradual until we are raptured. Then the wrath comes. Again, I am seeing this in part and need to pray into it more.

I would love to hear from another saint who’s heard something similar to this being a transition and not like a switch. Or maybe there is a verse that supports this in the Word? I’ve had the Holy Spirit tell me something FIRST, then lead me to it in the Word AFTER.

Because I care about what God cares about, I often check in with Him on matters, so I asked Him earlier today if my heart is right by Him at the radical levels of justice and aggressive prayers I’ve felt feel to pray in these times, and He keeps confirming that I am being led by the Spirit.

There is something truly powerful by the Spirit stirring in my spirit. God is up to something. I believe we will see great justice before our eyes. This great stirring in my spirit especially over the past few months coincides with the season of justice the Lord has been speaking to me about for at least the past few years.

Like I’ve seen online with many of God’s children, He’s also given me Psalm 37 as one of the Word weapons of choice to pray for this season of HIS justice that He desires to bring into the earth against His enemies. This psalm is a weapon I used to win a battle I was in many years ago against a terrible enemy. And when the Lord brought His Word to pass for me, He did so FAR above my asking or ability to imagine. Hallelujah!

He confirmed this season being one of HIS justice against His enemies yet again today

On February 15, 2021, I wrote a post called, That Time When Paul Struck an Evil Man Temporarily Blind,” to convey that there are times even under the New Covenant of grace where bold, overturn the evil in the temple like Jesus did is called for. Must be done. And to God’s glory.

Then today, He confirmed that February 15th word and much about justice as I watched this video by Pastor Cicciolanti called, “Biden the GOLDEN CALF? | The Blasphemy of Christians Supporting Evil, Separating Church & State.”

In the video, we are reminded that though we are under the dispensation of grace that we are portraying a “FAKE Jesus” if we neglect to mention that He is still a God of justice who judges His enemies.

Here’s what Pastor Cicciolanti had to say, “The Jesus of a comfortable, modern society has become something very different. A God who gives out candies, blessings, and grace all the time. A grace only Jesus.

And the Jewish Messiah, the One who comes to judge, the One who brings justice. The One that whips under the New Covenant. Whips the money changers. And the One who then empowered Paul to curse a heckler and say, ‘You’re going to go blind.’ That’s under the New Covenant.

This Jesus is completely hidden from view. We know nothing about this Jesus. We have presented a fake Jesus. That’s called a golden calf. You’ve made a Jesus and a Christianity to suit your own comforts.”

Wow! Lord. We need these hard, tough love words more than ever.

I was so thankful that the pastor also referenced Paul striking that evil man with blindness in the name of the Lord because after I wrote that post, the accuser came and attacked me. Of course that happens when we are on the right track with God. Not when we are in agreement with the enemy. Duh, how I can forget that.

God in His mercy and kindness towards me has confirmed again and again that this is a season for His justice by His Spirit and through other saints. That the mighty stirrings in me (and others) are truly coming from the Lord as the high levels of evil we are dealing with in these times require equal levels of justice. Hence, how He’s led many to pray.

When I came across those Paul striking a man with blindness verses recently in the New Testament, I had honestly forgotten they existed. Another sign when the Lord is confirming something to me is the timing of when He shows me things, then confirms them exactly soon after.

Note that as far this and my recent posts are concerned, the Lord has been speaking to me about justice for the wicked. Though, I believe He’s also dealing with disciplining the church in this time because of its compromise, lukewarmness, fake Jesus portrayals, and to grow our faith, etc.

Father, please, please convict me mightily by Your Spirit if I in any way present a fake Jesus to anyone. Help me, Lord. When we do this, we could be responsible for NOT pointing people to You and the need to be saved lest they perish. We so desperately need You, our Keeper. Keep us on the narrow path with You. The one that leads to life and is lit by Your Word. I thank You for Your help. You love to help us when we humble ourselves before You. Help Your people to pray rightly in this season of justice for I look to You. How, I praise You in Jesus’ name, amen.

4 responses to “A Grace Only Jesus? So Much Stirring by the Spirit. We Must Never Again Present a Fake Jesus”

  1. Amen and amen Yeshua HaMashiach.
    Thank you.

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    1. Amen and amen. Praise God! But simultaneously grieved at the same time like when my ex-husband chose destruction over repentance. We must grieve that justice needed because He must grieve that it is needed. Like you said before I believe. We must keep seeking the Lord to stay right in heart and on the right side of things in every matter and circumstance. Test every spirit and everything people teach. I need to start adding that to the end of my blogs too: Take what I’ve written to the Lord. We need to point people to Christ, the Word, and to be led by the Spirit. I was really convicted by that video to be so prayerful about how we represent Jesus, esp to the lost. These are hard and trying times. Help us, Lord. We need You. God bless you sister.

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      1. Amen again. Yes. I am grateful for the video. A Word to us all. So needed. We must heed this.

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