Prayer for Wicked and Evil Politicians: Lord, We NEED Justice!

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“As intercessors, it is our duty and privilege to pray the will of God. However, praying the will of God doesn’t always mean we pray for people to be blessed.

Of course, we always pray first and foremost that people will be saved. However, according to Scripture, there are some who have given themselves over to a degenerate mind and no longer listen to their conscience. These people have no hope of salvation, for they have rejected God for the final time.” – Excerpt from, PRAYER FOR WICKED AND EVIL POLITICIANS, FEBRUARY 18, 2021 | JAMIE ROHRBAUGH

How to pray when people have become the enemies of God

“We the people of the United States of America have long been too merciful in our prayers.

I recognize that this statement is going to raise some eyebrows, but the simple fact is that God has designed and fashioned His church—His ekklesia—to be THE governing body on the earth. And if we do not sit in governance, we are not truly functioning as the church that Christ built.

“In what way should we govern,” you ask?

In many ways. Today, however, I want to call your attention to a principle that King David of the Bible knew, but which we have forgotten: the fact that God does want to judge His enemies. – Excerpt from HAVE WE BEEN TOO MERCIFUL IN OUR PRAYERS?, DECEMBER 5, 2020 | JAMIE ROHRBAUGH 

I praise God for leading me to these articles and prayers by Jamie as confimation of what He’s been speaking to my spirit and how to pray in this particular time and season.

He led me to write this on February 17, 2021: A Burning Fire for Justice that Will Not Be Held Back

Excerpt:“But His Word was in my heart like a burning fire Shut up in my bones; I was weary of holding it back, And I could not,” (Jeremiah 20:9). In all my years as an intercessor, I’ve never burned with such a fire from the Lord to pray for justice. Yes, He’s led me to pray for justice for the wicked for several years now, but the relentless intensity of it is so great that if I don’t cry out for it, it weighs on me until I do.

Because we are one in Spirit with each other, I believe this same fire is burning in millions of His people worldwide. There are many who will give God no rest until we see justice – including myself (because the word that He gave me “there must be justice” won’t allow me to stop).”

And this on February 2, 2021: Counting on the wealthy, comfortable, and those prospering in their wicked ways to repent?

Excerpt: “Last night I read 2 Chronicles 22, and the Lord always speaks to me or teaches me and shows me something as I read the Word, often related to the times and seasons or something in my life. This time, He reminded me of the level of the wickedness of people today...“WATCH OUT for Grandma Athaliah, comfortable in her wealth, position, and lust for power.”

Yes, we pray for the lost to be saved, but truly, truly, as the Lord often says for emphasis and certainty, there are people who’ve rejected Jesus Christ forever and will never repent and turn to Him.

I believe by the Spirit that many of those people are in places of power and wealth.

Knowing this truth from the Word, we must NEVER neglect to pray for justice for the wicked as well because the Lord says we are responsible for praying His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

If we are only praying soft prayers for those who only seek to kill, steal, and destroy, then we are fools indeed.

Don’t be a fool. Be led by the Spirit.

The Lord has had me praying “aggressively” in these times for justice for the wicked because it is what is called for.

Recently, I heard a prophet say, “God’s people need to get a stomach for justice.”

I agree 100% and not only a stomach for it but the ability to cry out for it to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Something, is deeply wrong with a child of God and their mindset if they are unwilling to cry out for justice for those who literally prey upon our children without remorse in order to not only violate them in the most wicked ways but to make them disappear, leaving their families in agony, never knowing what happened to their precious, beloved children.

Lord, I want these unrepentant, evil ones aggressively hunted down and dealt with: Send legions of warring angels to be done to them the justice that is needed for all their crimes against humanity – children, the unborn, the poor, and needy, us, etc.

BUT, Lord, even those who’ve done evil and will repent, I STILL cry out for earthly justice to come down on their heads for the crimes they’ve committed. The level of oppression the earth feels because of wicked men and women who’ve prospered in their ways has become too much for it has been too long.

I cry out for this justice to come to them, now, Lord. Let it be so, Righteous Judge! For the sake of us, our children, and our children’s children. Cause the wicked to reap from EVERY wicked they’ve sown for decades. Cause it to pile upon them hard and heavy and undeniably to bring to an end their crimesprees that have gone unchecked for too long, Lord.

Lord, let it be due season for justice to come to these wicked men and women. Have mercy on us, Father. Have mercy. In Jesus’ name, amen.

DISCERNMENT only the Spirit can give is how we get through these times and seasons AND know exactly how to pray. Thank You for Your Holy Spirit, Lord!

3 responses to “Prayer for Wicked and Evil Politicians: Lord, We NEED Justice!”

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  2. I would rather these prayers not be needed but alas they are as the Governmental Bodies are overwhelmingly seated with wicked people. Only The Holy One knows without fail who of these many people have received the heart of Pharaoh. For those there truly is no hope, even legal adjudication will not turn them BUT their adjudication might have a saving effect on others, so I pray for swift justice to fall upon the wicked and lawless people of this Land in and out of political office. Not because I hate them but because love demands I yearn for people to repent. It is my calling to rejoice in righteousness and yes developing a stomach for righteousness and justice is imperative to be effective in this season. May the Arm of The LORD reach down and lift up those who will repent and also remove every reprobate lawless one from power and freedom of movement.

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    1. I agree it grieves deeply that these prayers are needed. Our minds cannot fully wrap themselves around that type of hardness of heart and evil. But it’s real and here more than ever. The weight of their evil and evil deeds are weighing this nation and the world down, even killing many, and we need the relief to come soon. I don’t have them either and even confessed my forgiveness of them, whomever they all are, before the Lord. But there must be justice and I too believe that people seeing justice finally happen before their eyes will be a vessel for even many to repent. For the fear of the Lord to come upon them, etc. Then today with the supreme court failing Anerica again. Jesus bring justice. We need it, Lord. It’s all too much.

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