I’m in agreement with Mario and those with fire of the Spirit like his. Warriors with pioneer spirits.

I will not quit either. We should not only NOT quit, we should get louder than ever. Release the roar of the lion of Judah. Demand justice from those who work for us.

God’s people shouldn’t even know what quitting looks like. We are called to consider NOT the deadness of any situation up against Almighty God and His promises.

We must refuse tyranny in unison. Learn all our constitutional rights which say the government works for us. Not the other way around. They are the ones in rebellion I heard someone say. Not us. Because they who swore to represent us and our voices broke their oath to us.

Not giving up on President Trump and the word of the prophets that HE gave them. Not a word found in a fortune cookie but by the Spirit of God.

Did the prophets get it wrong about President Trump’s reelection? Heaven’s perspective – Part 1

Glory to God whose name is Faithful and True. Resurrection and Life.

Mario Murillo Ministries

I was told to quit. The person who said this was deeply concerned about my welfare. They made a chilling case for me to go silent while there was still time. They talked about websites with millions of followers that were suddenly wiped out today. They told me that anything I would say would be twisted—and, that not only would I be banned, but they would go after me until they had destroyed my career as a preacher.

I was ready to answer this person, because the Holy Spirit had warned me in advance that they were coming. So now I am going to relate to you what God told me about quitting. God gave me these verses:

Acts 18:9-11,“Nowthe Lord spoke to Paul in the night by a vision,“Do not be afraid, but speak, and do not keep silent;for I am with you, and no one will attack you…

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