Applying Romans 13 “Submit to rulers” according to God sovereignly blessing us with America’s laws

DEAR CHURCH, wake up and stop twisting Romans 13 and foolishly and ignorantly submitting to evil tyrants.

By the GRACE of God, America has laws that permit us to boldly refuse to submit to tyranny. Our government is WE THE PEOPLE, elected officials work for us.

In God’s goodness and foreknowledge of what He saw coming for America, He inspired men and women who fasted and prayed for our nation to come up with laws as such (image).

Have eyes to see: God made it so in America, we have the right to not only refuse to shut down our churches, etc. but to be a part of ensuring those who try to do so are replaced.
Lord, WAKE UP Your church, shake them WIDE awake.

Have eyes to see the hand of the Lord in the laws we have to protect us. Seeing the weakness in church leaders and their compliance with tyranny is so sad.

God’s people are called to be as bold as lions. Not toothless lions, bearing their quivering, pathetic gums whilst they nod in agreement with tyranny.

We can use the law and order God sovereignly made available to us to PEACEFULLY do something about what we are seeing and STILL be Romans 13 compliant (which some wimpy church leaders can use as a crutch to do nothing about evil).

2 responses to “Applying Romans 13 “Submit to rulers” according to God sovereignly blessing us with America’s laws”

  1. Yes, Father, we pray to faithfully follow You, obeying You and obeying all the laws of this Land THAT HAVE NOT DENIED YOU, and when they have teach us wisdom to walk harmless and enabled us to work with You to rescue people from the clutches of the evil one. Amen Yeshua HaMashiach.

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