ABOMINATION: Churches in Florida become sites of fetal cell and DNA containing/tested COVID 19 vaccines

Above screenshots from this article by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Here’s an article about these churches (AKA how to give place to the devil in a church):

DeSantis announces 7 new COVID vaccination sites in partnership with local churches

I can’t prove this, but I’ve heard these churches are also receiving substantial financial compensation for becoming one of these sites.

It’s also important to note that these COVID “vaccines” are using some sort of gene therapy technique as opposed to the traditional form of being immunity driven. Take note of the words “mRNA vaccine” in the first screenshot above, second sentence, as proof that it will affect the genes of one’s cells somehow.

So, God’s people, if you want to give satan permission to attack your body by injecting the cells/DNA from babies who were murdered into your bodies, think nothing is wrong about this abomination, AND have your cells and genes messed with, I am already praying for you.

One cannot be pro-life and pro-unethical vaccines which have taken the organs and body parts of unborn babies murdered through abortion, grinded them up, and spun them using their wicked, twisted science to extract these innocent babies’ cells.

This should bring the church to its knees in prayer for this to be considered an abominable science practice that must be wiped off the face of the earth not cause churches to host this evil and shout for people to get in line.

Father, deliver the church from the evil one. Open eyes that they may see. Forgive us for giving place to the devil in our very houses of worship, O God. Convict these churches of this great evil so they turn from it, return the money, and expose the truth about these vaccines instead in Jesus’ name, amen.

2 responses to “ABOMINATION: Churches in Florida become sites of fetal cell and DNA containing/tested COVID 19 vaccines”

  1. […] When I hear of pastors turning their churches into COVID vaccine centers and/or pushing vaccines passports, first, it tells me that the church has been taken over by the antichrist spirit, and second, I wonder IF the pastor was paid off by pharma? To clarify, I am NOT saying this is the case for the mentioned churchs’ situation. It simply makes me wonder. For how could anyone care so little for their neighbor and lead them towards such absolute evil? […]


  2. […] ABOMINATION: Churches in Florida become sites of fetal cell and DNA containing/tested COVID 19 vacci… […]


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