Call To Action

Let’s get Twitter & Facebook Blocked from ISP’s all over America like they already did in Idaho

You can use the information this article as a script. When you speak to them, you can also add that it’s already begun in another state, Idaho. Make sure you stay calm when you call so they take us seriously.

The video mentions also reaching out to your Attorney General about it. Here’s an article that will help too.

Luke 16:8, “So the master commended the unjust steward because he had dealt shrewdly. For the sons of this world are more shrewd in their generation than the sons of light.”

Let’s not let it be so any more. The wicked have exalted themselves in the land trying to make themselves like gods. They’ve been waging information warfare upon us for years now. I noticed it at least a few years ago when anyone would try to share the truth about vaccines and vaccine related deaths were getting banned from their sites and flagged as untrue.

Now, anyone who disagrees with them and questions the obviously phraudulent election gets permanently banned and with a note saying their words are disputed.

We can wage warfare as well – through prayer and taking peaceful actions like this to stop them from silencing us all together.

You need to watch this video by Dinesh D’Souza and what his wife has to say about the parallels between what happened with Hugo Chavez’s communist takeover in Venezuela and what’s been happening here. They started silencing everyone who disagreed with him as well.

This is unAmerican, against the constitutional laws, and must be stopped. Lord, give us more wisdom as to how we can push back darkness as they did in Idaho.

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