Prophetic 10 DAYS Left -The JUDASES Around TRUMP | Mike Lindell, Kat Kerr, Filipino Election Lawsuit

Excellent message. You can go to the 41 minute mark to see a message from a woman in the Philippines who has solid evidence that the Smartmatic / Dominion machines stole the election from her father. Once, THEY WERE ABLE to audit and do forensic audits of the machines, the fraud was very clear. Which is why, these wicked ones have been holding the machines hostage from the American people.

This information from the Philippines was already given to Sydney Powell in December. Glory to God who’s worthy to receive all blessing and glory and honor and power.

Pray for the President to be filled with God’s strength to use the military or whatever the best means are to seize these machines ASAP, so we can have them ALL audited immediately.

The same exact video as above but on Rumble in case Commie-Tube takes it down…

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