We are NOT falling for the picture these traitors are trying to paint of President Trump and supporters of freedom

Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

The wicked think we are gullible and stupid. We see exactly how the media and traitorous ones are TRYING to paint President Trump. One rep called for “us” to keep a very close eye on him for the next 2 weeks so he doesn’t cause further “harm” to our nation. They are painting him as a dangerous, tyrannical dictator.

We believe NONE of it. We have eyes to see.

These wicked who LOVE to slaughter the unborn up until birth are calling Pres Trump immoral and dangerous. Lots of calling what is evil good and good evil coming from the mouths of those being used by satan.

These same wickeds said nothing when BLM and Antifa tore up cities, destroyed the businesses of innocent, hardworking Americans, referring to them as protestors, and even ordered the police to stand down.

But a few people, who are believed to actually be antifa, stormed the Capitol building, do so and somehow what the free will of what these crazy idiots did is somehow entirely blamed on our President. AND sadly, people will fall for it their gaslighting.

All I know is the Lord sees it all – every plot, plan, and conversation held in secret. He saw all the voter fraud, and we saw much of it. Their lies and gaslighting will not work on the discerning.

Our President needs much prayer and so does our country. The Word says those who trust in Him will NEVER be ashamed but the wicked will be put to shame and their lying lips will be silenced (by the Lord).

God is the God of the impossible. He makes a way where there seems to be no way. He allows the wicked to be trapped by the traps they set for His people. Still believing God for a miracle for America and President Trump that He will break the teeth of the wicked and belly laugh at them from His throne.

What we are seeing is straight from the Word of God: How the wicked twist, lie, falsely accuse, set traps for us, but it all comes down on their own heads. And we thank You for it, Mighty God.

These are the same people who tried to frame General Flynn who was completely innocent, dragged him and his family through hell and back, and they could find nothing. Praise God President Trump pardoned him.

Let’s keep praying. This is a spiritual war.

“I am for peace; But when I speak, they are for war,” (Psalm 120:7).

Who can forget these “ladies” words inciting violence. YET nothing happens to them. No one tries to remove them from office involuntarily

Let’s keep praying for ALL truth to be brought into the light and for justice for Pres Trump and America over its enemies. And for our victory.

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