Inspired by evil: Rep calls to have President Trump watched “day in and day out” at January 6th joint session of Congress Electoral College

The reps yesterday in Congress telling lie after lie about President Trump, demonically painting a FALSE, wicked picture of him was one of the most demonic things I’ve ever witnessed.

These are the EVIL, pit of hell words of one wicked representative who couldn’t be bothered to refer to our president as President Trump:

“Donald Trump can do enormous damage to our country in the next 2 weeks. In the next 2 weeks, colleagues. Donald Trump can do enormous damage. To our wonderful country. This afternoon…the National Association of Manufacturers…they called for moving forward with the 25th amendment…I believe that for the next 2 weeks, we have an enormous responsibility to watchdog Donald Trump day in and day out. To do everything possible to prevent the kind of abuses that we saw today. Let’s do everything we can, Democrats and Republicans, to make sure in the next 2 weeks, Donald Trump’s abuses are checked and do everything we can to protect this wonderful nation of ours.”

And we know the 25th amendment calls for a process of INVOLUNTARY removal of a sitting president.

I know it looks bad in the natural, but so have MANY times right before great deliverances by the Lord. I truly believe the wicked have exalted themselves in the land for far too long – arrogantly and with great pride boasting in themselves and power have also set traps intended for Pres Trump, America, His people, etc. that they themselves will be trapped in. God HATES evil and His will is for the works of the devil to be destroyed.

God is just and knows MANY have not bowed to Baal in this nation and will not be held accountable for those doing all the wicked.

Yes, many Christians have compromised on pro-life issues e.g. accept vaccines with aborted (murdered) baby’s cell proteins and DNA in them and even push these vaccines but many have not.

It doesn’t take all to agree with God for Him to rescue. Look at David – one youth against Goliath. Look at Gideon and the 300 against thousands. At Esther and Mordecai.

And then the One – Jesus Christ who purchased victory over ALL the power of the enemy for us, His ecclesia, His legislative, governing authority in the earth in His name.

Continuing to join my faith with His will for America, Pres Trump, the church, etc. Let’s shake it off and keep praying and fasting and applying and acting on our faith.

It’s slightly after the 2:30:00 mark just in case.

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