SAMPLE LETTER to Senators and/or Elected Officials to REJECT the Electoral Votes Based on Fraudulent Votes | Stop the Steal | Call to Action

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Subject: Unthinkable to NOT reject fraudulent-based electoral votes

Dear ______________,

I am contacting you today regarding the urgent matter of our elections which were corrupted by undeniable, widespread fraud: mail-in and absentee ballots, Dominion vote flips, Georgia vote counters scanning ballots they pulled from under tables and scanning them without observers, dead voters, illegal voters, and more. Not to mention, the mathematical impossibility of a Biden win.

As a representative of the voice of WE THE PEOPLE, this lawlessness cannot stand and should be considered unthinkable to every American citizen of this great constitutional republic. And as that voice, we need mighty men and women of valor, full of boldness and courage, to do what’s right by us and in the eyes of God.

That we do not accept an illegitimate election and the votes cast for Biden in the electoral college based on a stolen election in the contested states filled with obvious, rampant fraud.

Any leader who ignores the will of the people will be voted out the first chance possible. And not only voted out but seen as a traitor of our nation, its people, and one who turns a blind eye to lawlessness and felony-level crimes. One who cannot be trusted with our voice, and one who will be remembered in history in shame for his/her compliance by silence in the face of this attack on America from within.

The Bible says, “Whoever says to the wicked, “You are innocent,” will be cursed by peoples, abhorred by nations; but those who rebuke the wicked will have delight, and a good blessing will come upon them,” (Proverbs 24:24-25).

God’s Word is true. Leaders who do nothing and say, by their silence, of those who are guilty of election/voter fraud and corruption that they are “innocent” will indeed be cursed by the people they represent, and the nations of the world will see them as cowards.

The entire world is watching. But, if you do what is right in the eyes of the Lord and WE THE PEOPLE, then you will have peace and the Lord will bless you for it.

Praying for you and all elected officials working for WE THE PEOPLE.




This is a sample letter. The one I just emailed to my Senators. You have permission to use it as is “copy and paste” to send to them or use it as a guide to pen your own.

Link to determine who your senators are:

Find your representative:

Also, CALL your senators. See phone numbers in the list below. HERE’S A PHONE SCRIPT from Strike Force of Prayer:

This is what you say. Do not leave a message. Tell the person answering the phone, you want them to tell your US Senators verbatim. If you live in a Democratic-run state, ignore them, and adopt a state or two. Call their US Senators.

“My Name is ___________. I am calling to instruct my Senator of MY WISHES and for them to REPRESENT MY VOICE in opposition to the FRAUDULENT ELECTORAL COLLEGE on Jan 6th.

In support of Representative Mo Brooks, I am demanding them to OBJECT to the slate of electors from the battleground states.

THIS WILL BE MY DECIDING ISSUE at the next election, and I WILL NOT VOTE FOR (SENATOR’S NAME) should they refuse to represent my wishes.”

Pray Psalms 64. Believe in God. Act.

We are NOT called to fear man but to fear the Lord. It’s time – INCLUDING Christians – to rise up like David and say…
“For who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should defy the armies of the living God?” (1 Sam 17:26).

For who are these corrupt wicked men and women that they should steal this election and America on our watch!!!

No, we recover ALL!

“And nothing of theirs was lacking, either small or great, sons or daughters, spoil or anything which they had taken from them; David recovered all,” (1 Sam 30:19).

Consider finding their fax numbers as well and faxing them every day too, so our voices are undeniable. Bombard them – call, email, fax. Wear them down like the widow in Luke 18. You can use free services like Fax Zero and send a one page fax to them by attaching your document.

I pray a very healthy fear of the Lord falls on every elected public servant, judge, etc. responsible for ensuring a fair, legal election. God will not be mocked. If one sows of the flesh, they will also reap of it. I pray they fear God more than man and not try to save their own hides in any way, lest they reap of them.

Additional action items. Just saw this as a comment on a post. It’s geared towards living in Montana but can be a guide for your state and there are non Montana instructions as well:

“I’m forwarding to all the faithful followers of God and our President. Thank You for reading and getting involved.

Christmas is over and it’s time to go to work and save the Republic.

Since most of us can’t make it to Washington DC for the YUGE rally on January 6, 2021 there IS something we can and must do from right here in Montana.

If you believe President Trump won the election in November 2020 and want to do something about it, simply take some or all of the following action EVERY WEEK DAY until January 6, 2021:

At a minimum, call Steve Daines (at all his offices) and Matt Rosendale or your Republican senators. Leave a message urging them to:

“Publicly Proclaim Your Support for President Trump…you owe your election to him!

Object to the Electoral College votes from the states with fraud (NV, AZ, GA, PA, MI, WI) on January 6, 2021.

Honor Your Oath to the Constitution, Stop The Steal, and Save the Republic”

Call the President and Vice President offices. Leave a message as follows:

  • Tell them you support them 100%.
  • For VP Pence, urge him to REJECT the fraudulent Electoral College votes from the states with fraud (NV, AZ, GA, PA, MI, WI) on January 6, 2021.
  • Honor Your Oath to the Constitution, Stop The Steal, and Save the Republic

Call each Republican Senator. Leave a message urging them to:

  • Publicly Proclaim Your Support for President Trump
  • Object to the Electoral College votes from the states with fraud (NV, AZ, GA, PA, MI, WI) on January 6, 2021.
  • Honor Your Oath to the Constitution, Stop The Steal, and Save the Republic

Phone Numbers

Pres. Donald Trump 202-456-1111 (Comment Line)
VP Mike Pence 202-456-1111 (Comment Line)

Senators’ Phone Numbers

Steve Daines (Montana)
Washington DC 202-224-2651
Billings 406-245-6822
Great Falls 406-453-0148
Helena 406-443-3189
Bozeman 406-587-3446
Missoula 406-549-8198
Kalispell 406-257-3765
Sidney 406-482-9010

Matt Rosendale 406-763-1234 (Montana)

John Barrasso (WY) 307-261-6413
Marsha Blackburn (TN) 901-527-9199
Roy Blunt (MO) 417-877-7814
John Boozman (AR) 501-372-7153
Mike Braun (IN) 317-822-8240
Richard Burr (NC) 828-350-243
Shelley Moore Capito (WV) 304-347-5372
Bill Cassidy (LA) 318-448-7176
Susan Collins (ME) 207-622-8414
John Cornyn (TX) 713-572-3337
Tom Cotton (AR) 501-223-9081
Kevin Cramer (ND) 701-232-5094
Mike Crapo (ID) 208-334-1776
Ted Cruz (TX) 512-916-5834
Joni Ernst (IA) 515-284-4574
Deb Fischer (NE) 402-441-4600
Lindsey Graham (SC) 864-250-1417
Chuck Grassley (IA) 515-288-1145
Bill Hagerty (TN) Newly Elected
Josh Hawley (MO) 314-354-7060 (SEE HIS RESPONSE BELOW)
John Hoeven (ND) 701-239-5389
Cindy Hyde-Smith (MS) 601-965-4459
James M Inhofe (OK) 405-208-8841
Ron Johnson (WI) 414-276-7282
John Kennedy (LA) 504-581-6190
James Lankford (OK) 405-231-4941
Mike Lee (UT) 801-524-5933
Kelly Loeffler (GA) 770-661-0999
Cynthia Lummis (WY) Newly Elected
Roger Marshall (KS) Newly Elected
Mitch McConnell (KY) 502-582-6304
Jerry Moran (KS) 316-269-9257
Lisa Murkowski (AK) 907-271-3735
Rand Paul (KY) 270-782-8303
Rob Portman (OH) 513-684-3265
James Risch (ID) 208-342-7985
Mitt Romney (UT) 801-524-4380
Mike Rounds (SD) 605-224-1450
Marco Rubio (FL) 305-596-4224
Ben Sasse (NE) 402-476-1400
Rick Scott (FL) 239-231-7890
Tim Scott (SC) 803-771-6112
Richard Shelby (AL) 334-223-7303
Dan Sullivan (AK) 907-271-5915
John Thune (SD) 605-348-7551
Thom Tillis (NC) 704-509-9087
Tommy Tuberville (AL) Newly Elected
Patrick Toomey (PA) 717-782-3951
Roger Wicker (MS) 601-965-4644
Todd Young (IN) 317-226-6700″ – Laurie Pierce

Of course, we continue to pray for election fraud exposure and justice for the wicked involved, victory for Pres Trump since the election was stolen from him, and victory for America, this great constitutional republic.

We are NOT a democracy. Democracy is mob rule. E.g. Popular votes determines the fate of the entire nation, so states the CA and NY would have all the say for America. We are a Constitutional Republic, and we need to fully reclaim America as such and now.

Thank you.

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