An Explosive Revelation is Coming | Dutch Sheets [VIDEO] | Pray for the Innocent People of China

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh on

Excellent word from the Lord in this video below via Dutch Sheets for more exposure regarding voter fraud and those behind it.

It includes dreams the Lord gave some to guide us in our prayers of protection for President Trump and America, etc.

Sheets also reminds us to pray for the people of China who are not to be equated with the tyrannical leadership there who seek America’s harm.

I have hundreds of students in China whom I taught online from 2017 to the summer of this year, and I love them and the families whom I met and interacted with on camera. I even met one student and his family in person who purposely made one of their stops near my home, so we could meet. ❤

We must not harden our hearts towards the people of China while simultaneously asking the Lord to expose those responsible there who are behind the attacks and infiltrations here. That the guilty be exposed and brought to justice. Not the innocent people.

I pray the Lord looses the people of China from oppression, so they may worship Him freely without persecution and fear of death and for all my precious students and their families to be safe from all harm and danger and come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior.

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