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Super Cool and Encouraging Sign from God About President Trump’s Reelection

Photo by cottonbro on

I was watching this video and wanted to remember the time stamp on this part of the video that reads, “BREAKING @realddonaldtrump & official elect Biden sent enough electors to give them BOTH 270+ electoral votes. The 1st time since 1887 this has happened. The election will be settled by the Electoral Count Acts of 1887! #duelelectors #bidencheated” and “Nevada GOP Electors cast ballot for Trump, there are now dueling electors in three states.”

So, I paused the video (unknowingly at 20:20) and see 20:20 / 45:45 (see bottom left corner of image just above) on my screen which is this exact spot of the above image/content.

When was this election? 2020. #Trump2020

And who is the 45th president? Donald J. Trump.

And even more fun because the ways of the Lord are awesome, we see 45 twice too. Double for confirmation. And twice for two terms back to back.

The numbers relevant of course because the content of the image is regarding how the election will be settled.

Let it be so, Lord! We stand firm on Your Word and goodness and mercy. Hallelujah to the Lion of Judah!

Super cool sign from God! I love His encouragements. Some also call them Godwinks.

And what a drama playing out?!!! Better than any movie.

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