“Forgive my frankness, but at this time the message of comfort is not the right message. You need the gift of righteous indignation. I am tired of wispy Christians who hate confrontation and yearn to retreat to a marshmallow world.” – Mario Murillo

Me too, brother. Me too.

Where are those like David who say, “Who are these uncircumcised Philistines who dare defy the armies of the living God?” Not just regarding the election but every area of society the twisted wicked have hijacked for the enemy.

The election trying to be stolen by the left, inspired by satan, is more of a spiritual war than a natural one. We must be active in both spheres of course but pray like it’s life or death, praise like you’re taking down hell itself. Pray in the Spirit when you don’t have the words. But warfare we must do in His name.

Lord, shake Your people from their slumber. We are not called to be sweet to evil. We don’t look away from injustice. We are not a do nothing people. We are children of the Most High God who are lovers of justice not just grace.

We are as bold as lions. We run towards giants and partner with God for supernatural defeat!


Mario Murillo Ministries

CIA Director John Brennan sent an email to Barack Obama informing him that the Russian collusion story was made up by Hillary Clinton. Dwell on that for a moment. The evidence that would have killed the stupid Mueller investigation and spared the nation two years of torture, was always there. They had known with certainty, from the beginning, that it was all a hoax.

But no. Obama did not intervene and neither did Brennan ever go to the proper authorities to stop the miscarriage of justice against President Trump.

Most importantly—and the main thrust of this blog—is the utterly disgusting behavior of the media. They could have engaged in a thing called ‘journalism.’ They could have investigated the lies and fabrications, but they never did. Why? Because they were hell-bent on getting Hillary Clinton elected. Then, having failed at that, they proceeded to keep the hoax going, in order to…

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