Jericho March 2020 Update and Information [Please Share]

From an email from Jericho March 2020…

“Thank you for your email. Would you mind going to our website and filling out the contact us/volunteer page? It helps us capture the correct information that we need to get out updates quickly on the marches both by state and nationally.

Many have asked if they can help support with prayers and donations. We have a donate now button on the site that can be used for those purposes. We are thankful for whatever God provides. He is in this. Below are a few key details about what we are asking people to do in the marches.

What: Jericho Marches at the state Capitols at noon daily until December 12th, 2020. On December 12th, 2020, we will all caravan to DC for the Jericho March DC.

Where: Your state Capitol

When: 12 noon, daily

Why: God gave us a vision of His Church rising up and roaring at injustice. God is the King of America. We are asking that we honor His great name!

Please mark your calendars and get your travel plans ready for the Jericho March DC on December 12th, 2020 at 9am on the National Mall.

We will be sending out more details for this event in the coming days. We will be marching seven times around the nation’s Capitol for God’s favor to our nation, election integrity, exposure and justice on all illegal voting practices.

We plan to use this same structure to overcome other issues facing our nation as the Lord leads in the coming years.

PS: It’s very important we get your full name, cell phone and email to make sure we stay in good contact.

In His Service,

Rob Weaver
Jericho March”

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