Bible and Politics, Election Prayers, Prayers for President Trump


After I changed the channel name, the video disappeared. Please see link for same information but written.

This prophetic word is based on the one He already gave me: As Elijah did, continue to carry the words of prophecy all the way to victory for President Trump and his reelection as well as other things He’s spoken to me to build on that word. Includes a warning dream.

The Lord knows I prefer writing to doing videos. Kind of hate doing videos actually, but will do it for You Abba Father. People today lean towards videos over the written word, and I know He wanted me to share it in that format.


  1. I found you in a comment of Luke Harding’s latest YouTube upload, I’m sure the Lord put you on my path of Life, for I have been singing a song I made with Psalms 16:11. I love your soft voice and you teach very well😊 I am a total believer in saying ‘Trump Won’ cuz he did❣️Hallelujah 🔥Abba Father is so Good, His Mercy Endures Forever💜🔥💜🔥💜🔥May the Lord Bless You💕

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    1. Oh wow. God is wonderful how He connects us online. Thank you. I get nervous on camera but will obey my Father despite awkwardness. LOL! Yes, dear sister TRUMP WON! God sees all as it is and speaks as it is. We can say what God said by faith but just like Elijah we pray it through because of the spiritual warfare we must. Halleluljah!!!


  2. I need what God’s word says and I love when God puts things right in my face! I needed the words in this video and now I will share it with others❤️🙏

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    1. Thank You, Dianna. He always uses the Word to speak to me prophetically. I love that as well. Helps my faith and the faith of others so much. God bless you. Let’s stay in faith for the sake of our nation and carry this in prayer all the way to victory. We can all sense in our spirits, by the Lord, that this is MUCH more than about President Trump. We love him of course. He just happens to be a larger more visible aspect of what the Lord wants to do in and through America. But we are just as big a part of this as the church. 🙂


  3. I just came across your video today. I guess the Lord knew I needed to hear your words at this moment. Thank you so much for sharing. It really spoke to my spirit and gave me the strength and comfort I was searching for. I am standing with you in prayer for President Trump and our country. I look back on my own life and realize that God never made a promise that he did not keep. As you say, we need to keep our faith and pray until we see his promise come to pass. I often wondered why God did not allow President Trump to win on election night. But I realize that this was not his plan. The evil needs to be discovered and removed from our land. God knows exactly what he is doing.

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    1. Amen, Joni, you’re welcome. It’s an honor to serve our Lord and help people with how He leads us by His Spirit. That’s what He loves to see. Us blessing each other though Him. God knows Trump is a warrior and wouldn’t back down. Many have neen praying for these exposures for years in government too. Corruption, etc. and asking the Lord to drive out these wicked ones and replace them with righteous leaders who fear Him and can’t be bought. We are witnessing YEARS of people praying and not giving up come to pass. Trump is an answer to prayer connected to all these prayers that God HIMSELF led us to pray. So, of course, we also have to believe He wants to give it to us. God bless you. I have other prayers here the Lord blessed me with about the elections that may bless you as well if you feel led. We pray and don’t give up. We can’t give up on a promise of God. Let’s stand with Him. Love you.


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