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Trump Wins Endgame | Dr. Corsi [VIDEO]

Excerpt from Dr. Corsi’s YouTube video description:

“There is now an ever growing avalanche of video evidence, whistleblower accounts, and other proof continues to mount, and again, add to that Joe Biden bragging that the Democrats had launched the most extensive and “Effective” voter fraud effort in American history, and the smoking guns are now smoldering cannons.

President Trump’s “A Team” of legal experts is growing, filing law suits regarding the Democrat voter fraud.

Dr. Corsi again outlines the legal remedies, per the Constitution, that WILL result in President Trump’s final declaration of victory.”

Mentions in his video:


Google Trends: Searches For ‘Election Fraud Punishment’ Surged In MI, PA And AZ Before Election

Dr. Corsi is also a follower of Christ. His videos are both educational (electoral process, constitution, etc.) and faith filled. So glad to find him and his videos.

Father, continue to expose the mountains of evidence proving voter fraud and the Dem’s sloppy attempts to steal the election so the rightful winner, President Donald J. Trump, is elected and our legal votes count. In Your mercy continue to bless the USA as one nation under God in Jesus’ name, amen.

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