Prayer for the election: “ALL Hands on Deck” to expose all voter fraud in the land

In my spirit, I heard the Lord say: ALL hands on deck.

By the Spirit, I immediately knew He was referring to the election fraud exposure. It’s not only the main, contested states that are an issue, we need TOTAL countrywide exposure of voter fraud in every state.


Father, we thank You that Your sheep hear Your voice. You are faithful to lead us by Your Holy Spirit and show us how we must pray. America needs “all hands on deck” for every case of voter fraud to be exposed. Lord, we call forth every credible, God-fearing expert needed to look at numbers and anomalies.

We call forth constitutional experts, statisticians, data scrubbers, whistleblowers, computer software and hacking experts, all appropriate experts, and WE THE PEOPLE working together to report the voter fraud that has affected us first hand.

Lord God, before the election, there was a surge of this Google search: “Election Fraud Punishment” in MI, PA And AZ. All-knowing God, bring forth every expert who can track the IP addresses of these people, so their phone and computer records can also be legally searched for evidence of any federal crimes against this nation. Under conviction of any wrongdoing, cause many to come forth as whistleblowers to hand over names, Lord God. This fraud has been going on for years and must stop now, Father. Restore righteousness and justice in this land, O God.

Father, Your Word says those who’ve exalted themselves shall be humbled. Those who thought they could steal an election surely exalted themselves.

Mighty God, we praise You for Your mercy, goodness, and that You are a just God who hates evil and injustice. We thank You that the rightful winner, President Donald J. Trump, will be announced legally and soon.

All in Jesus’ name, amen.

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